04/04 2023

Work Anniversaries and Birthday Celebrations in March

RT Holdings values all of its employees equally, regardless of their position or department within the company. Therefore, the seniority gratitude exercise for employees who have worked at the Group for 5, 10, and 15 years is RT Holdings’ most heartfelt way of saying thanks to people who have joined us. This activity encourages employees to keep trying and never give up.

The development and strength of RT Holdings as it is today is the product of hundreds of people quietly devoting their strength and talent day and night. The Group is even more grateful to the employees who have stood shoulder to shoulder and stuck together as we built and witnessed RT Holdings’ extraordinary rise.

Thank you and congratulations to the members who celebrated their five, ten, and fifteen years of service in March.

Also in the monthly activity to help connect members in the Group, RT Holdings celebrated the birthdays of teachers in all units with birthdays in March. This is an opportunity for members to socialize, share, and send best wishes to their colleagues.

The birthday party and seniority celebrations are efforts by RT Holdings to express heartfelt respect and gratitude to all members who have dedicated themselves to the Group.

We hope you will have the courage, belief, and motivation to support RT Holdings as it moves forward to more gratifying milestones in the future.

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