Become a large and diverse ecosystem of services that broaden the scope of operations and foster a culture that empowers member companies to be more proactive in all decisions. In which the subsidiaries operate independently and comprehensively complement one another, providing high-quality services not only in the domestic market but also in international markets.


Opening up world-class learning opportunities right here in Vietnam, bringing Vietnamese students and students to the heart of global education easily and quickly, and promoting activities of investment, trade, and services in education globally; bringing customers the best values by holding technology in hand and using flexible transformation to keep up with the development trends of the time, thereby contributing to the success of the country’s economic and social development plans, as well as contributing to raising Vietnam’s position on the international integration journey.

Core Value

RT Holdings was created and developed with 4 core values: Innovation - Experience - Dedication - Inheritance.
We continuously apply innovative methods, while focusing on the latest technology solutions that enhance the quality of training as well as optimize every aspect of the activities and services we provide.
At RT Holdings, we aim to diversify experiences, because we understand that every experience has a unique value. We aspire to enhance the customer's experience every day, and at the same time create the right environment for our employees to develop together.
The way all of our services work is around dedication: Dedicated to helping students and families who always have big goals in their studies; Dedicated to bringing the most valuable services to every customer.
The next generation is not only the employees of RT Holdings but also the students that we are training. In the future, we believe that the students are also the ones who follow and accompany us, not only in the journey of building a modern civilized education but also in the work of cultivating a better society.


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