Become an Education ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of services; expands areas of operation; and fosters a culture that empowers member companies to be more proactive in every decision. In particular, subsidiaries operate independently and contribute to one another, providing high-quality services for the domestic market and expanding to international markets.


Opening up world-class learning opportunities right in Vietnam, helping Vietnamese students easily and quickly reach the quintessence of global education while promoting investment, trade, and service operations in the field of education; offering customers the best values by holding core technology in hand and constantly adapting in order to keep up with the development trends of the times, thereby contributing to the success of the country’s economic and social development, as well as raising Vietnam’s position on the international integration journey.

Core Value

RT Holdings was created and developed with 4 core values: Innovation - Experience - Dedication - Inheritance.
Continuously innovate and apply advanced training and management methods, in addition to focusing on new technological solutions to help improve the quality of training, management, operations, services, and efficiency, thereby satisfying customer needs.
With the desire to improve service quality and learning outcomes, internal and external customers will experience diverse practical activities every day, thereby helping to create a competitive environment in which staff, teachers, and students can have opportunities to challenge themselves, create bonds, and strive together to improve and develop.
With the motto “Education for the Community”, all of our activities and services are focused on the learner community. With dedication to helping students and sharing with parents, our teachers, management teams, and staff from departments are always willing to dedicate time and energy to help learners achieve success.
All development strategies and implementation plans place a strong emphasis on inheritance to fulfill the mission and vision of helping RT Holdings become a sustainable education ecosystem. According to these objectives, students will carry on the journey of creating an advanced education system fulfilled with national characteristics, forming a civilized and prosperous society.


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