Why join us?

In regards to our human resources strategy, RT Holdings has always been consistent with the spirit of considering human resources as the most important factor and most valuable asset in a solid foundation for the success of our organization. Therefore, RT Holdings always strives to create a professional, modern, and friendly working environment that inspires members to work every day, thus maximizing each person’s forte and strengths.

RTHers - who are they?

We all recognize the great changes in the world today and we need to see our responsibility in educating and training global citizens. This is the mission that educators need to pay attention to no less than teaching knowledge to students. I see RT Holdings is working very hard to do this.
Mr. Gustavo Páez
Principal of WA Program (WASS)
At RT Holdings, I see my own passion from the colleagues with whom I have the opportunity to work together. Together we share the spirit to dare to dream and the willingness to innovate to overcome barriers and limitations to provide the best development foundation for students.
Ms. Tran Thi To Nhu
Head of School (WASS)
RT Holdings has given me many opportunities to work and collaborate with very dedicated teachers. They gave me a lot of knowledge as well as guided me a lot of experience in the process of working and management.
Ms. Le Thi Thuy Tien
Human Resources Director
After 15 years of accompanying and sticking with RT Holdings, my main motivation is to work in a professional environment. Here I have a stable income to ensure a family life. Besides, I can make a small contribution to the development of the group.
Mr. Nguyen Hoai Phuc
Electrical & Refrigeration Technician
It's been 10 years since my first day at the Western Australian School System. Now, I am very happy and proud to see the strong growth of this place. My time working at Western Australia School also gave me many unforgettable memories. I always receive the help of the Board of Directors, the support of colleagues, and the love of students. Those things have given me more motivation to continue my teaching work.
Ms. Nguyen Cao Ngoc Uyen
Co-teacher (WASS)
I consider myself a lucky person because I have worked here for the past 15 years, and witnessed the ups and downs, as well as the strong changes in RT Holdings. All of these things have given me a strong motivation to work here.
Mr. Nguyen The Tuong
IT Speacialist
I'm very happy to live in an educational environment and to interact with teachers and children for 10 years and in the future.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Vinh Quy
Housekeeping Staff
During 5 years, on my educational journey at RT Holdings, I feel confident in teaching. Firstly, because I work in an international environment. Secondly, I am always promptly updated with professional knowledge and applied software in teaching, better student management.
Mr. Nguyen Van Cong
Chemistry Teacher (WASS)
After 5 years here, I always feel honored and proud to work in an international educational environment like RT Holdings. Here, I not only have enough income to cover my life, but I can also learn and cultivate a lot of things from my colleagues.
Mr. Au Quang Thien
Car Driver
RT Holdings is a place that gives me the opportunity to meet friendly colleagues, and also gives me the opportunity to experience and develop myself to the fullest.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi
Admissions Specialist (WASS)

About us

RT Holdings is proud to own modern facilities and equipment, bringing an abundance of creative inspiration and limitless fresh energy for each member to work and dedicate tirelessly.

As a large-scale education organization with nearly 1,000 members including Vietnamese teachers, staff, and foreign teachers from many different countries around the world, RT Holdings is the house of passion, talent, bravery, and enthusiasm. Our members have a strong and thorough working spirit for the best possible outcome for Vietnamese education in our youngest generation.

Why should join RT Holdings?

Remuneration Policies
Competitive salary, commensurate with your efforts and experience.
Healthcare Policies
Full insurance according to Vietnamese labor law, annual medical examination.
Work Environment
Young and modern working space, friendly and open colleagues, dynamic working environment.
Team Building Activities
Annual outing trips and monthly sports events.
Career Opportunities
Opportunities to work and advance to higher positions according to capacity, regardless of seniority.
Other benefits
Honorable awards with worthy value for excellent members of the year.
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