Message from
The Board of Directors

All of RT Holdings’ initiatives are motivated by a strong desire to adapt, reach out to, and integrate in the new period, as well as a conviction in the sustainable growth of society.

Fast and powerful transformation in all activities to adapt to the constant change of social factors and timely response to customer needs is the guideline for the development of RT Holding. This allows the company to confidently stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation in the cause of globalization and international integration.

After barely 20 years of growth, RT Holdings which was founded as the Institute of Accounting & Business Management (IABM), has expanded into a new industry. With internal fortitude, a clear strategic vision, and firm confidence, RT Holdings is continually working to fulfill its position in three key areas: Education, Trade and Support Services, International Investment. This is done with the help of internal strength, a clear strategic vision, and strong conviction.

The purpose of RT Holdings to foster knowledge for learners at all levels is still being carried out with excitement and the conviction that “liberal education is the quickest way to bring humanity to new limits.” by seven essential training institutions—the Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM), Western Australian International School System (WASS), Pennsylvania American International School System (PennSchool), Sydney International School System (SISS), American College of Viet Nam (AmCollege), Penn Academy (Pennsylvania Language Academy), and Talents Development Academy (TDA). The following principles guide all units’ operations: an open educational philosophy, consistently innovative training techniques, and training content that is always geared toward standardization in accordance with the highest levels of quality through programs for external audit.

As it enters the third decade of its development journey, RT Holdings aspires to seize new opportunities in a variety of fields – (where the RT Holdings collective demonstrates its identity and disrupts every goal toward joint achievement. RT Holdings has taken strategic steps in the fields of International Trade, Education Support Services, and Investment under the drastic leadership of the Board of Directors and the outstanding capacity of the staff. The activities of RT Holdings not only stop at giving opportunities to study, invest, and settle abroad for Vietnamese people through the preeminent programs of the Indochina Study Abroad (ISA), but also expand to other services such as Trade and Support Services and other International Investments. Thereby, RT Holdings wishes to solve the top essential needs of society through outstanding services.

The road ahead is still difficult and full of challenges, but the RT Holdings team remains confident in the set goals and the sweet fruits that will be reaped in the future. RT Holdings promises to grow even stronger with a strong market position, thanks to the potential internal strength from the youth of the staff. the direction of the Board of Directors, and the complete trust of the network of partners and customers. At the same time, RT Holdings will be one of the most solid foundations for bringing the Vietnamese community closer to a happy, prosperous future that is rich in experience and knowledge.

Dr. Rung Tran


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