09/03 2024

Together with RT Holdings in extending smiles to the “roses” on International Women’s Day, March 8

For RT Holdings, women are meant to be loved, valued and above all cherished in a special way. We are truly grateful for the remarkable women within our Group who possess extraordinary strength, abundant energy, and fervent passion for the educational profession. Through their talents, courage, and exceptional intellect, each of the “roses” has bloomed brilliant achievements on the path of global integration and nurtured knowledge for young generations in Vietnam.

On International Women’s Day, this March 8, in addition to warm wishes from all male members, RT Holdings sent all female teachers and staff of the Group heartfelt gifts filled with the most sincere affection and gratitude. We hope that each small gift from the Group will bring positive values and immense encouragement for the female teachers and staff to continue planting, nurturing, and cultivating the green seeds of the future.

We extend our love, appreciation, and sincerest thanks to the ” half of the world.” Wishing every woman at RT Holdings a sweet International Women’s Day, a successful year, and continued radiance throughout life’s journeys. Thank you to all these beautiful “roses” who have always been alongside the Group. You are the greatest pride that RT Holdings deeply treasures.

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