21/03 2024

Gratitude for Seniority and Birthday Celebrations for Members Born in February & March 2024

Human resources are the invaluable assets of every company and the commitment of each member is evidence of the sustainable development of that company. Therefore, the celebration of gratitude for our seniority at RT Holdings is not only an opportunity for us to reflect on the journey of those individuals who have accompanied and dedicated themselves for years, but also a chance for the Board of Directors to acknowledge and honor those who have constantly strived for the common goals of the Group.

5 years, 10 years, or 20 years – each milestone represents the members who have worked at RT Holdings; the laughter or chaos of work shared is companionship in overcoming challenges that contribute to the strength of RT Holdings that is seen today.With that spirit, the Group believes that members of RT Holdings will always encourage one another to move forward.

In addition to this event, the Group also extends warm birthday wishes, along with beautiful bouquets of flowers, to the members celebrating birthdays in February and March. Thank you, members, for accompanying the Group and becoming a wonderful piece of the puzzle under the common roof of RT Holdings. Thanks to the teachers who have guided and directed the dreams of the students. As we move forward, let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead with unwavering belief and determination, continuing to write this remarkable journey together.

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