05/02 2024

The story of a Marketer in the education industry (Part 3)

The narrative of a marketer in the education sector has been unfolded through two magazine articles, rich with emotions and passionate insights from prominent leaders. From initial steps within the Group to splendid successes in the professional journey, these stories illuminate the inspiring journey of individuals driven by passion and innovation. To conclude this fascinating series, let’s welcome Mr. Phan Tuan Anh – Head of Digital Marketing at the Marketing Department, who plays a crucial role in shaping the advertising and marketing strategy of RT Holdings.

Could you introduce yourself briefly so that the RT Holdings family can get to know you?

Hello teachers and colleagues, I’m Tuan Anh; others often call me by the familiar name Alex. Currently, I hold the position of Head of Digital Marketing at RT Holdings. I have been associated with the Group for almost three years, and it has truly been an impressive journey in my career when providing opportunities to engage in various projects, both domestic and international.

My current role involves shaping and implementing digital marketing strategies to enhance online presence and optimize the effectiveness of multi-channel advertising campaigns, ultimately contributing to revenue and profitability for RT Holdings. I always aim to combine creativity, specific data, and modern digital marketing tools to formulate strong, consistent, and effective marketing strategies for RT Holdings’ projects.

As a leader, what secrets do you have to help the team achieve common goals and create a positive working environment?

In my role as the leader of the Digital Marketing Team and overseeing all online operations, my secret is closely tied to the phrase “empowerment.” An essential aspect of my management experience, gathered over ten years in the profession, is finding ways to stimulate the energy, desire to perform, and capabilities of each team member.

I always encourage everyone to think of themselves as actual “brand managers,” actively seeking ways for each brand they handle to maximize its development. Personally, I consistently support my team members in terms of skills, direction, and proactive thinking. Jack Welch, the CEO of Tesla, once said: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” 

For each member of the Digital Team, they need to address the current issues the brand is facing, work directly with the admissions department to understand each customer segment, and efficiently provide customer data for the Admissions Office. Moreover, they actively participate in supporting other marketing operations, such as design, events, and content. With this management approach, I always encourage continuous learning among team members and other departments with an open and positive spirit.

During the development of the Digital Marketing Team, what challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

In developing the Digital Marketing Team at RT Holdings, the challenge and driving force for me as a leader is how to balance and maximize the potential of each team member.

Every member has their strengths and weaknesses, so I always try to observe and listen to everyone to provide the most objective evaluations. From there, I build development plans for each member, providing opportunities to access new and diverse knowledge and assigning tasks that align with each person’s strengths. Instead of limiting each member to a specific field, I create opportunities for them to participate in various projects, helping each member develop multitasking skills and explore their abilities in different areas.

Throughout your time with the Group, which memory evokes the most emotions for you?

Being recognized as one of the “Outstanding Employees of 2022” is truly one of the memories that evokes the most emotions for me. The commendation is not only a recognition of my contributions but also an acknowledgment of the effort and commitment I have put into my work. This recognition has provided me with strong motivation to continue striving, working hard, and creating positive value in my service at the Group. Additionally, I sincerely thank my colleagues for their continuous support. Thank you all for always being a united, loving, and supportive community throughout the ups and downs of the career development path at RT Holdings.

As we approach the Tet holiday of 2024, do you have any wishes for the members of the RT Holdings family?

The new year is an opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements, learn from challenges, and step into promising new chapters. I would like to send the best wishes to the members of the Marketing Department, and RT Holdings as a whole, in 2024. I wish our family would prosper, succeed, and radiate the strongest energy to build a robust RT Holdings. May everyone have moments filled with joy, laughter, and happiness with family and loved ones. I hope each of us will continue to strive, innovate, and achieve noble goals in both work and life.

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