03/07 2022

“When I see the students grow in their own ways. It is a great feeling that I am part of building their future”

Teachers are the ones who play the most important role in nurturing children’s inquisitive minds and preparing them for the challenges of the future. In gratitude for those dedication efforts, Indochina Group awarded the title “Golden Apple” to teachers with outstanding achievements. Based on the collective and the School Administrator nominations, voted by the trust and love of colleagues throughout the Group, we have selected the typical representatives to receive this award.

Indochina Group would like to send congratulations and sincere appreciation to:

  1. Ms. Ngo Thi Tuong Vy – Co-Teacher
  2. Mr. Levan Bernard – Math & Science Teacher
  3. Mr. John Umahag – Art & House Coordinator

Let’s meet and listen to the inspirational sharing from Mr. John Umahag!

1. How do you feel when you become one of the typical inspirational people for the education career at Indochina Group?

I feel rewarded, fulfilled, and empowered, and it gives me a sense of purpose, a purpose that inspires students to strive for greatness, and teaches them through experience and commitment how to realize their full potential to become the best they can be. As we move to the next chapter, together, as the Indochina Group, let us inspire teachers to work better on their craft and motivate and encourage our students to work on their future.

2. During the educational journey, what is the greatest achievement that you have achieved?

One of the greatest achievements I have had this year is helping students learn how to learn and how to create their own opportunities. It is really nice to see our students celebrate their achievements and see them grow in their own ways. It is a great feeling that I am part of building their future.

3. What is the most pressure thing you have faced as a teacher over these years? How did you overcome them?

We all know that teaching is never easy, it takes me a mile to overcome those challenges that I have met along the way. It is rough and difficult, but because of the help and motivation of those around me, together we tackled all the challenges that hinder the dreams of our students.

4. Where did you get inspiration for your chosen education career?

I get inspired by those committed teachers. They showed me that teaching is not just about teaching concepts but also how to aspire to educate, inspire, learn and affect positive change. It has been evident that teachers are playing an important role in a student’s everyday life, so as teachers, let us inspire everyone to dream bigger and encourage them to pursue their individual dreams.

5. From the first days of joining the Group, what goals have you set for yourself in your career?

One of my goals for my career is to enhance quality teaching and learning by knowing the vision, mission, and objectives of the school, learning more teaching methods, and improving student learning outcomes.

6. During the two years affected by Covid-19, Education suffered many serious effects. So have you ever felt bewildered? How have you adjusted your teaching method?

There are crucial factors that have shifted due to the pandemic. It was like starting from the very beginning where you don’t know how to start, how to communicate certain problems, and how to instill quality learning to the students. Teaching in an empty room is kind of sad but the students were never giving up on learning, so I was motivated to never give up on them.

7. If you could use 3 words to express your feelings for the “home” Indochina Group, which 3 words would you choose and why?

Inspiration, illumination, and unity. The school inspires me to work every day and illuminates the way for a better future, and unity as we work hand-in-hand for building a successful institution and a better nation.

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