09/03 2023

Welcome to Indochina Group’s International Women’s Day

The Indochina Group believes that every woman born into this world has a sacred mission to spread happiness. On the path to global integration with IG and incubating knowledge for the next generation, the Group’s women are increasingly demonstrating their own talents, bravery, and great wisdom.

On March 8th, as part of the global holiday celebration of International Women’s Day around the world, Indochina Group’s male teachers and staff would like to recognize the contributions and dedication of women at IG. An extremely delicate and warm congratulations party was held at each establishment. In addition to fresh flowers and small but emotional gifts, the Indochina Group’s men also wrote handwritten loving wishes on cards and presented them to the Group’s beautiful women. As a result, the dedicated women of IG were overjoyed and happy.

Thank you to our “beautiful flowers” for creating wonderful things with Indochina Group in the development of each generation of students. Thank you for deciding to accompany and dedicate your energy and wisdom to IG.

On the 113th anniversary of International Women’s Day, March 8th, I wish the amazing women of the Indochina Group much happiness and confidence in their abilities to shine in their own unique way.

Take a look at some of the most memorable images from International Women’s Day on March 8th at IG campuses!

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