06/03 2023

The story of Mr. Kim Luat’s 10 years of accompanying Indochina Group

Over 20 years of construction and development, Indochina Group has the right to take pride in gradually asserting its brand and reputation on the map of the Education industry. Such success is thanks to the teachers and employees – who have been persistently building this company.

Let us now turn to the emotional sharing of a dedicated security guard, who has worked for 10 years at Indochina Group – Mr. Kim Luat, working at Ba Thang Hai:

1. Good day, Mr. Luat. How do you feel about reaching the milestone of 10 years working at Indochina Group?

I felt very excited and moved when I received the notice that I had worked for 10 years at Indochina Group. At the same time, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to have received the medal as well as the reward for the 10 years of effort here

2. Do you still remember your first days working at Indochina Group? Can you share a little bit about that day?

It’s been 10 years and I still remember the day when I was introduced to Master Rung (Chairman of the Board – Tran Van Rung).

I was also very nervous but a little surprised and much happier because of the help and support from the colleagues at 43 Nguyen Thong campus. Thanks to such enthusiastic colleagues, I had more motivation to accompany the Indochina Group throughout the past journey.

3. How do you perceive the changes in your current job compared to 10 years ago?

In the past, there was little work because there were not many students and teachers. Currently, Indochina Group has grown tremendously, the school facilities are increasing with thousands of students, teachers, and staff, so my work has also increased a lot. However, the increased workload means that the remuneration is also getting better.

4. How do you feel when you and your colleagues are on duty and celebrate Tet at the workplace?

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, although I had to stay at school to be on duty, my colleagues and I had a warm and joyful TET celebration.. I have worked at Indochina Group for 10 years and also consider this as a second home. Therefore, I am very happy and pleased to celebrate Tet with my colleagues at school.

5. During the process of working at Indochina Group, which memory do you cherish the most?

The most memorable memory is probably the day when I was honored to receive the excellent staff cup and the reward from the System. This is my greatest joy and honor to date.

This will motivate I to work harder and be more responsible and confident in completing my job

6. As someone who has witnessed the change of the Indochina Group during the past 10 years, what do you think is the most prominent change of the system? Do you have any desire to join the System in the near future?

Indochina Group has been developing more facilities, the quality of infrastructure has also significantly improved, the number of teachers and staff is increasing, and the regime is getting better. At the same time, the working environment is built and developed in a much more positive and professional way. I am very happy to have contributed a small part in the formation and development of the system, looking forward to seeing our Indochina Group go further and further, develop stronger in the future.

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