28/03 2022

Listen to female members of the Operation Department

True to the word “Operation” this department is naturally an essential component when it comes to assisting IEDG in establishing a consistent trajectory. They are highly valued members of the team, quietly contributing to the Group’s prosperity. They possess both the ability to see the big picture and organize everything in an objective manner – as well as the subtlety and flexibility to handle minute details thoroughly. As a result, all undertakings in each school’s framework, and indeed the entire organization, are handled in the most effective way.

So, in this issue of IEDG magazine, let’s delve into the thoughts and experiences of the “exceptional minds” behind IEDG’s Operations department:

1. How did you learn about IEDG and what influenced your decision to pursue a career with us?

Ms. Phuong Truc:
I learned about IEDG through WASS. Before starting work at IEDG, I drove by many Western Australian School campuses and often wondered if I was destined to one day work there? And things naturally developed, and here I am.

I would say that working with IEDG was almost “predestined”, if not a huge coincidence, for me as I’d planned to return to Vietnam for work while preparing to defend my Master’s thesis in Paris. So, I applied for the position of the French teacher and Literature Teacher at Western Australia International School. I received an invitation to interview after only one day, and as a result, I returned to Vietnam 7 months later, officially becoming a member of the group.

Mr. Rung (Chairman of IEDG) suggested the new position on meeting with him in Vietnam, which was initially to manage the campus on 157 Ly Chinh Thang. I was later offered a new position as French Program Coordinator for the Western Australian International School System, finally, I was given a brand new challenge last year when I became the head of school service operations.

Ms. Uyen:
I found out about IEDG through social media, several relatives, and most importantly, my two children are also studying at the IEDG’s schools.

2. How long have you been with IEDG? And during that time, what was the biggest motivation for you to stay?

Ms. Phuong Truc:
I’ve been with the IEDG for over 18 months and the pride of working in a modern and prestigious educational environment keeps me working here. That, and being respectfully addressed by students as “Teacher”.

One of the factors that influenced my decision to remain with IEDG was the people I work with, including the President, members of the Administrators, as well as all employees who are very passionate about education.

When taking on the operational role, my second biggest motivation comes from the students, to whom I listen every day and work to improve each service for them, i.e, each meal, and to see them grow intellectually, physically, and morally.

I always tell myself that any job has its difficulties. However, if I keep trying, I will be able to overcome them. Because of the nature of our work, the operation team members are frequently under pressure to respond quickly to support unexpected requests from various campuses in order to ensure that their operations are not disrupted. Fortunately, we receive a lot of support and encouragement from teachers from different departments when solving the problems that arise. As a result, all work is handled well to satisfaction. It is the spirit of the members, who are always ready to support and help one another, that has led me to stay with IEDG.

3. Every job has certain pressures and challenges, what are the challenges in operating work and how do you overcome them?

Ms. Phuong Truc:
Every job has its own set of pressures and challenges, but the most difficult aspect of the operation is still determining how to provide a learning environment of the highest quality and comfort to students, parents, and even teachers and staff, all at once. I find the best way to overcome obstacles is to simplify them with positive thinking.

Ms. Nguyet:
For me, I overcome the pressure on myself by viewing everything from a step-by-step perspective; even a small suggestion is enough to give me the strength to find ways to improve, perfect my work for the next occasion.

It is my hope that all departments will work together to establish many positive working relationships so that when we face difficulties, we will all support each other, thereby reducing pressure and continuing to improve our daily work.

I remember the day I started working at IEDG. I still have a lot of surprises but it has now been nearly 5 years. I have had many happy and sad moments in my career, but seeing the healthy, happy students, all studying under the school roof every day is the happiest moment for me.

4. What are your thoughts on IEDG turning 19? What do you hope to achieve in the future for yourself and your colleagues at IEDG?

Ms. Phuong Truc:
I’m thrilled to be celebrating IEDG’s 19th birthday, and I hope that IEDG continues to expand. I will endeavor to learn and develop myself in order to keep up with IEDG’s development, and I hope that all of my colleagues share the same thoughts as me.

Ms. Nguyet:

I would like to send a message to the members of the operation team who I work so closely with. I understand the pressures you are all under and have seen your efforts every day that we work together. I hope that, despite the demands of our daily, and sometimes unexpected, work, the members of the operation team will continue to be full of positive energy. As the old saying goes, “Energy works” is our slogan.

Furthermore, I am so proud that we are about to reach the 19-year mark in our journey of spreading educational values. Next to that pride is the joy of contributing to the Group’s development. I hope that all members will have more and more energy to continue contributing their own values to IEDG’s strong future.

I believe that IEDG will continue to grow because I have always placed my trust in each and every member of IEDG and its leaders.

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my boss. “Thank you for making it possible for me to work at IEDG, giving me the opportunity to learn, improve my knowledge, and receive guidance so that I can take on the role I am responsible for.”

I wish all members of the IEDG good health and great success in our careers as educators.

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