04/09 2023

Gratitude for Seniority in July, 2023: Stories About the Journey with RT Holdings

5 or 10 years is not only a lengthy time for personal development, but it is also a valuable time in the process of accompanying the Group. In this Internal Magazine, we will be able to learn more about those who have worked with the Group throughout the years.

Mr. Huynh Quoc Quang – Superintendent at WASS

Like many others, I had specific ideas and concerns during my first days of work at RT Holdings in general and WASS in particular. I had no idea what the first day of work would be like. Will I get along with my colleagues and have their support? Will I really fit in and keep up with the pace of work in the new environment? However, my initial anxieties faded within only two weeks due to my colleagues’ love and passion for me. Since then, my work has been filled with joy every day. During my 5 years with the Group, I have accomplished successes along with everyone, faced challenges, and witnessed how WASS developed. There was so much emotion at that time that it couldn’t be described in words. I’m really grateful and proud to have my five years of youth attached to WASS.

Ms. Le Hong My Kim – Head of Nature Subjects at PennSchool

I remembered my first days at the Group with great clarity. In the thoughts of a new employee, I was eager and looking forward to going to work every day because this was a profession that I was always passionate about. I was also looking forward to meeting new colleagues and attempting to adapt quickly to the new atmosphere. What I have valued the most over the last five years has been the companionship and assistance of great friends and colleagues. I hope to continue to accompany RT Holdings on its journey of transformation and strong development in the future.

Ms. Pham Thi Thu Huyen – Vice Principal of Kindergarten Program at WASS

Five years ago, a newly graduated student was offered to work at the 35 Nguyen Huu Canh Campus. At that time, the campus was still under construction, and every day I went to work splattered with mud, but joy was still on my lips because I was working with my passion. Even if I have relocated to 260 Dien Bien Phu, I am still pleased to be one of the first employees here. Everyone, whether in a tough or advantageous scenario, gives me the sensation of warmth and closeness that family members do. This is my second home, and I will always appreciate it.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thao – Healthcare Staff at WASS

After ten years, the recollections of that first day are fuzzy, yet they still give me the feeling of being a new person. That day, I switched my job from a hospital to a school, and there were so many new and unfamiliar things to learn, such as how to handle difficulties, prepare for an inspection, and others, which increased the pressure on me to learn and achieve more. Thus, at RT Holdings, my expertise, skills, and efforts over the last ten years have become my most valuable assets.

Ms. Vo Le Phuc Hau – Head of Science & Technology Subjects at PennSchool

The first day I stepped into the international educational setting, I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be able to succeed in this new, potentially rewarding, and professional environment. But then, I gradually realized that this was an ideal environment with a clear development path for me to stay in for a long time with dedication and high responsibility. My colleagues, students and the Board of Directors at RT Holdings always create conditions for us to develop our skills, expand our knowledge, constantly innovate ourselves, and move towards international integration. RT Holdings has gone through many ups and downs in its two decades of development, and I am always glad to have been a small piece of that puzzle.

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