03/01 2022

“Christmas in America more closely resembles Tet holiday in Vietnam because we have time to be closer to our family and come over relatives”

I’ve lived in Vietnam for over six years now. The most memorable Christmas I had in Vietnam was spending it in Da Lat. The beautiful trees and scenery in Da Lat remind me a lot of my home state of Idaho in America.            

I normally have video calls with my family all day back home and then visit them during Tet Holiday. When I first got to Vietnam, I would do the same things I did at home for New Year’s, which would be to go to a nightclub with friends. For the last few years though I’ve preferred to do more relaxing things on New Year’s, such as going to a restaurant or having a small group of friends come over to my apartment.

To me, Christmas is one of the most important holidays in Western culture. It’s something almost all people in America celebrate regardless of their religion, as the celebration has grown into something more universal. 

Everyone has this special mood to them even in public to the extent that my whole city back home (Boise) would feel like a small close community during it. Christmas is about loving your family and friends and being thankful for the wonderful life they share with you.

I think Christmas in America more closely resembles the Tet holiday in Vietnam. They are both about becoming closer to family and giving everyone time to see distant relatives.

I really like the Christmas trees and presents that decorate them on campus. Something about seeing a Christmas tree just makes me happy. It’s kind of funny but I haven’t had eggnog in 4 years now, because it’s only sold during Christmas in the US and no one makes it here. If I could I would find someone that knows how to make it and send them all a liter of it to have with their turkey. I would attach a card to the eggnog with a nice holiday message.

Mr. Nicholas James Winfrey

English Teacher at PennSchool

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