05/08 2023

RT Holdings was honored at the “HR Asia – Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards 2023”

At the awards ceremony of the “HR Asia – Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards 2023” on the evening of August 3rd, RT Holdings was honored with the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia.”

The “HR Asia Awards” is a prestigious annual international award organized by HR Asia, the leading human resources magazine in Asia, to evaluate and honor companies with outstanding human resource policies, attractive welfare benefits, and the best working environment in the region. To assess employee satisfaction, HR Asia used the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM), which is based on three factors: Core (strategy–structure), Self (individual), and Group (team). In Vietnam, the survey was conducted on around 650 companies with nearly 50,000 employees, ranging from basic to senior positions such as CEOs and HR directors.

Held on August 3rd, 2023, at the Gem Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the event brought together hundreds of companies from various fields and different countries. Here, HR Asia announced the names on the list of “Best Companies to Work for in Asia in 2023”. The RT Holdings team was extremely proud to be honored as one of them. Particularly on this list, RT Holdings had the privilege of standing alongside multinational corporations with prominent activities in Vietnam, such as Microsoft, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Lazada, VinaMilk, and Vietjet Air.

This is evidence that at RT Holdings, we have a comprehensive business model with a team of “dedicated leaders – dedicated employees” and an internal cultural spirit that focuses on human factors, various care and welfare to meet the expectations of all teachers and staff throughout the Group. This achievement is the result of the synergy of vision, strategy, and leading determination of management at all levels, accompanied by the contributions of all teachers and staff at different levels.

RT Holdings has built a working environment where empowerment is emphasized, contributing to the creation of an open and inclusive community. Every member not only leverages their professional abilities but also showcases their passion and creativity, and has the opportunity to explore new aspects.

Ms. Cao Thien Ai Nuong, Deputy CEO of RT Holdings and General Director of PennSchool, shared: “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to creating a developmental and prosperous work environment.”

This award is not only a milestone in the development journey of the Group but also a significant source of inspiration and motivation for RT Holdings to continue to improve and innovate in the future.

Once again, RT Holdings would like to thank the contributions and efforts of all teachers and staff that have led to this important award. Let’s maintain a strong work ethic and unceasing efforts so that we can continue to build the best working environment and gain recognition on a broader scale in the future.

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