03/11 2022

The American College officially “branches out” to become the North American College

The American College was established in 2009 and has gradually become one of the major schools for Indochina Group’s post-secondary brands. For over a decade, the school has trained thousands of students each year, providing an abundance of high-quality talent to the Vietnamese labor market. After 13 years since its founding, in October 2022, American College officially “branched out” and became North American College (NAC).

With the goal of becoming the leading international high-quality college in Vietnam, North American College offers diverse, international standard, advanced, and flexible vocational training programs. Its purpose is to help Vietnam’s younger generation reach the international standard training model and confidently stride into the world as exceptional global citizens.

North American College will offer three types of training: affiliate training, associate degrees, and short-term courses. With a team of experienced lecturers from major universities, the school offers over 40 exciting subjects in core fields. Associate degrees and short-term courses cover diverse fields of industry. With its level of practical skills and in-depth knowledge, NAC helps students enhance their own talents. In addition, North American College is collaborating with an international partner, Qualifi, a UK-regulated accreditation organization, to give Vietnamese students the opportunity to study abroad at leading British universities.

The function rooms and practice rooms are equipped with modern equipment that meets international university standards. Additionally, North American College is committed to ensuring employment for 100% of its graduates. The school works with over 50 large domestic and international corporations that are always willing to support internships and job opportunities.

North American College will always guide students on the road, providing them with knowledge and developing professional skills, in keeping with its educational philosophy of “Companion, Freedom, and Creativity.” On this track, students are free to pursue their goals and improve their skills with a creative and proactive spirit.

North American College has rebranded itself as a multi-disciplinary and sustainable college. And as it does so, the school promises great strides in the journey to enhance the quality of Vietnamese talent, expand learning opportunities for everyone in the years to come.

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