26/03 2023

IG demonstrates a strong desire to reach out in the third decade under a new name

Over the past 20 years, Indochina Group has consistently endeavored to create value for the community. This journey began with the aspiration to disseminate knowledge, transform education in order to change the country, and surmount numerous challenges through unwavering conviction.

Over the past two decades, Indochina Group has continuously strived to provide a friendly, positive, and humane learning environment, with education systems and educational programs recognized around the world, actively exploiting maximum advantages in the fields of Investment, Trade, and Services to create a balance in business activities.

Through every stage of construction, Indochina Group has continuously evolved alongside the country, preparing for each phase of innovation. Numerous challenges have emerged, demanding rapid adaptation from the Group to keep pace with the times. Flexibility and innovation are two critical factors that enable Indochina Group to seize opportunities for creating “digital” education programs, employing advanced technological applications in the context of intense competition and the impact of societal factors, such as the pandemic.

Indochina Group’s readiness to respond and adapt to a shifting global environment has facilitated the creation and development of new, diverse products and services that cater to the needs of all customer segments. Additionally, Indochina Group has harnessed innovation to enhance its competitiveness, forge unique values, maintain its market position, and extend its global reach through a wide array of high-quality study abroad and vocational training programs.

With successive success over the length of its development history, the Indochina Group enters its twentieth year with pride in summarizing the progress that has been made and confidently looking forward to a more brilliant future of development. And now is the time to make a radical and drastic change on the foundation of the great things that have been built over the past two decades!

With a resolute determination to evolve, expand, and integrate in the new era, as well as to achieve lofty aspirations, Indochina Group officially announced its brand name change to RT Holdings upon entering its 20th year, marked by numerous new challenges and opportunities. Consequently, the Group transitioned to a parent-child business model called RT Holdings, an acronym for Rapid Transformation, concentrating on three primary industries: education, commerce, and investment.

The letters R-T in Rapid Transformation signify the direction RT Holdings is pursuing with its business strategy – fast and dynamic transformation throughout all aspects of the company to accommodate ongoing business changes. Social factors and responsive customer service form the guiding principles for RT Holdings’ development. The font is strong and contemporary, emphasizing a technology-centric approach, and it supports RT Holdings’ vision for the future: harnessing technology and constantly adapting to deliver the best value to clients.

R and T are arranged within a rectangle to represent a swift transition, while stressing clarity in every decision as well as a dedication to sustainability and legacy.

The icon’s color is chosen to be light blue. The color blue represents the sky, as well as youth, intelligence, trust, and the responsibilities of each Group member. The aspirations of RT Holdings members to soar high and far in the new sky and to acquire the technological expertise and knowledge required to excel in the future are all symbolized by the blue color.

The eagle in the left-hand corner of the logo is considered the ruler of the skies and symbolizes inner strength, pride, resilience, the aspiration to lead, and an unceasing desire to reach out. An eagle soaring upward with its eyes focused ahead represents determination, speed, and the commitment to self-improvement each day.

A profound, continuous, and swift digital transformation is the aspiration and objective represented by the mouse pointer in the right-hand corner of the logo. The goals that RT Holdings pursues and is dedicated to accomplishing on its journey through a new phase encompass digital transformation in operations, corporate governance, products and services, customer care, and more.

RT Holdings will maintain its position as a dependable platform for the young generation with a penchant for creativity and an aptitude for absorbing and adapting to technology, as well as the progressive spirit of its Group members, by upholding the core values of Indochina Group. RT Holdings creates a vast and diverse closed ecosystem by empowering subsidiaries to concentrate on developing specific skills and enhancing each other’s services as members, so that everyone can work together to provide the best services to clients. This provides options for students to gain access to top educational institutions quickly and easily while also promoting trade, investment, and international educational services.

As RT Holdings enters its 20th year, it is transforming its brand identity and business model with the anticipation of embarking on a new path filled with opportunities and difficulties in order to realize its vision to reach out and accomplish future objectives.

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