04/11 2022

K-12 Department launches a training program for Admission Consultation and Customer Service Team

As a corporation with a strong employee staff, Indochina Group always focuses on promoting human resources in the cause of rapid and sustainable development.

What Indochina Group is always concerned with is how each member can adequately express the spirit of the Indochina Group as well as professionalism, thoroughness, acumen, and flexibility in work. Especially with the departments that work directly with customers such as the Admission Consultation and Customer Service Team. Because this core department is not only the representative face of Indochina Group but also the bridge between the Group and customers.

With that concern, Indochina Group has taken practical steps by implementing a training program for the Admission Consultation and Customer Service Team of the K-12 Department. This is considered the first “shot” in the Group’s human development in the academic year 2022 – 2023.

Organized in both face-to-face and online formats, the program offers a variety of training content such as:

  • K-12 study programs
  • Consulting skills
  • Fee reminder process
  • Receive and process feedback
  • Time management

In charge of guiding the training sessions are not only the Board of School of WASS & PennSchool, the management team of the Admission Consultation and Customer Service Team but also reputable and experienced training consultants in internal training. Investing in the program both in terms of quality and quantity, Indochina Group wishes to improve and improve the quality of the consulting and customer care process, specifically the network of parents and students who are working together with the units of the K-12 Department of Indochina Group.

Believe that after the end of the training program, each staff will better understand the training products of the K-12 Department to inform customers as well as have full capacity to contribute to the development of the school. The positive response of each staff is also the motivation for Indochina Group to continue implementing its next training plans for other departments and departments.

Unity, action, innovation, and breakthrough will create a large Indochina Group family with many outstanding achievements in the future.

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