27/04 2022

Indochina Group officially switched to a diversified operating model

Internal restructuring and diversification of operations are two inevitable business procedures in the era of the digital revolution and the post-Covid-19 crisis. After completing its restructuring process in March 2022, Indochina Group has initiated a stage of operational expansion to a diversified business model, making use of existing advantages to create a closed ecosystem to enable its business ventures to thrive sustainably.

Indochina Group, known as one of the largest, most prominent, and highest-quality educational institutions in Vietnam, has always regarded education as a pillar of strength and a cornerstone of its growth. Additionally, the general expansion of the socioeconomic system opens up many fields with tremendous potential to be explored in the future to nurture the Group’s development.

As such, in April 2022, along with its name change to Indochina Group, the Group officially expanded its field of activity from a purely Education model to a multi-sector operating model including Education, Trade & Services, and Investment.

Education – the core foundation in the development of the Group

As education and development remain a core field that plays the most important role in the formation and development, the Group continues to focus on providing diverse training programs for various levels ranging from Kindergarten to High School, including Short-term training, Professional Coaching, and Talent Development.

In the spirit of internationalizing education, the Indochina Group focuses on providing integrated educational programs between the Vietnamese Education Program and the advanced education programs of Australia, and the United States. The goal is to offer learners academic capability in accordance with worldwide standards while preserving the nation’s unique identity.

Furthermore, as a result of the global and Vietnamese economies imposing high expectations on young generations, the Education-as-a-Service model was born to deliver high-quality educational services so that students may gain complete knowledge in areas such as creativity, interdisciplinary learning, connection, and educational technology, thereby becoming global citizens who fully meet the new era’s requirements.

Trade & Services – a new approach to reaching out to customers

In addition to education, and to create a diverse ecosystem and develop the Group stably and sustainably, a network of companies under the system in countries such as Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United States operating in the field of trade and services is expected to accelerate in the near future. This will expand not only in the Vietnamese market but also in the other markets mentioned above.

Investment – a new field with many promises

With the Group’s current, exciting potential, investment is a promising industry that presents numerous new opportunities for Indochina Group. This sector will assist the Group in expanding and developing facilities and office buildings that directly support educational, business, and commercial initiatives, as well as enhancing building management and other real estate services. In addition to its operations in Vietnam, Indochina Group has educational and investment operations in the United States, Australia, and Europe. As a result, expanding activities into real estate investment will allow the Group to be more proactive in logistics, premises, and facilities, allowing it to service other sectors of the system more professionally.

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