18/11 2021

IEDG officially changes brand identity

From November 2021, Indochina Education & Development Group (IEDG) will officially change its brand identity, marking the group’s transformation with the desire to deeply integrate with the global education system in the digital age.

Built and developed with the goal of providing diverse training programs for all ages – especially the aspiration to open up opportunities to access excellent and elite international education programs for Vietnamese students, during the past 18 years, IEDG has constantly renewed itself with the passion, youth, creativity, and ability to absorb and adapt technology and progressive spirit of its members. The renewal of our identity after nearly two decades of operation is also a milestone marking the transformation of IEDG to a new stage of development with the aspiration to reach higher and further on our journey of international integration and the globalization of education.

Changing IEDG’s brand identity in the spirit of passing on the heritage that has been built by the IEDG team for nearly two decades will certainly contribute to the impetus for IEDG to take steps to transform strongly in the field of international investment in education, deepening the spirit and philosophy of “student-centered” education, and fueling the fire of enthusiasm for the staff who are working together under the roof of IEDG, through strong commitments to realize the core values of corporate culture that IEDG leadership constantly pursues.

In general, red is still chosen by IEDG as the main color for our new logo next to a solid, strong gray with the implication of IEDG’s sustainable internal strength – the fire of enthusiasm and passion for the education industry and fidelity to the mission of illuminating and guiding the way. The harmony of the new identity comes from completely new icons and lines with the minimalist breath of the era covering the design, helping to fully convey the new messages, mission, and vision of the system.

The shield symbol covering the arrow and the dot symbolizes IEDG’s mission – the mission to become a solid launchpad to protect and create learning opportunities for generations of students of all ages and comprehensively develop personality, intelligence, and skills to achieve great success in the future. The dot symbol integrated inside the arrow evokes the image of a person with arms extended upwards, symbolizing the relentless efforts and the opportunity to rise up thanks to the steady pedestal that IEDG provides. The skillful integration of these two symbols also shows the spirit of IEDG’s willingness to open a new era in corporate culture on the basis of the positive values that IEDG always pursues: taking people as the core. , respecting talents and openly empowering IEDGers to have the opportunity to maximize their capabilities, create breakthroughs and go further on their career journey at IEDG.

The announcement of the change of brand identity promises to be an important milestone for IEDG to enter a new journey in the digital era with full internal force and strong acceleration to bridge the gap between Vietnamese education and world education, providing equal learning opportunities and enhancing global competitiveness in the 4.0 digital age.

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