01/03 2022

From February, 2022, IEDG deploys new strategy in teaching and learning methods

After announcing a transformation to a business model called Education As A Service during an event on November 19, 2021, IEDG has renovated its operations to provide Education-as-a-Service. Implementation of the new curriculum strategy is now a key priority for the first quarter of 2022.

The new curriculum approach was created in response to the future environment, taking into account national and international economic and aptitude demands. IEDG’s Strategic Vision, in tandem with the new curriculum, aims to “transform lives through great education and training.” This will be accomplished by preparing students to excel in the future workforce. The goal is to offer learners a high-quality education that fosters the development of relevant skills, knowledge, and social competencies that lead to long-term positive outcomes and enhanced opportunities in life. This requires a unique approach, in which the Strategic Priorities are:

  • For our learners: to be engaged, motivated, and to experience consistently high-quality education.
  • To be a financially sustainable organization
  • To be a well-coordinated community with effective and efficient processes.
  • To have a high-performing and skilled staff team
  • To ensure all staff feel included, supported, and engaged

The curriculum taught at IEDG’s institutions is designed, based on the following principles:

  1. Excellence: A well-designed curriculum that retains its value, facilitates a high-quality academic experience for students, and provides the graduates with the necessary skills and academic prestige to successfully seek higher education and career prospects in the future.
  2. Cutting edge: Curriculum is based on educational best practices, the latest subject research, professional standards, and is designed with the needs of our students’, patrons’, and partners’ requirements in mind.
  3. Flexible: Flexible by design to allow different lesson delivery modes and patterns to adapt to changing needs and make the best use of technology.
  4. Outcome-focused: The curriculum is designed to be inclusive and supportive, aiding students in achieving excellent grades and graduating with the skills to enrich them in their future lives and careers.

Finally, IEDG appreciates the valuable role our students (and alumni) parents have taken as co-creators in our new exciting curriculum and actively seeks opportunities to involve them in design discussions for the development of this curriculum.

In light of this, the Curriculum Research and Development Division will be established in early March 2022. This division, along with the Board of Principals will be in charge of compiling and developing teaching content, subject materials, a bank of exam questions, and managing a brand new Learning Management System (Canvas), which is expected to be applied in the academic year 2022 – 2023.

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