28/03 2022

Workshop “Rebirth of business – Challenges for leaders after the Covid crisis”

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought global socio-economics into crisis. In Vietnam, thousands of businesses in different fields have had to declare bankruptcy because of their inability to liquidate and generate revenue. However, in the context of being severely impacted, there are still businesses that are constantly making efforts and looking for solutions to overcome challenges. So what is the optimal solution to help businesses overcome the Covid crisis?

Understanding the concerns of post-Covid managers and the urgency of business rebirth, the Institute of Accounting & Business Management (IABM) organized an online Talkshow with the topic: “Reinventing a business – Challenges for post-Covid managers” took place from 9:00 – 11:30 am on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 via the Google Meet platform with the participation of leading speakers and experts in domestic and international finance.

Specifically, the event will have the presence of Dr. Doan Hong Khanh – Financial Strategy & Corporate Governance Specialist, Ms. Kel Norman – Director of Building Coffee, Lecturer at City University of Seattle and Mr. Alvin Koh – CEO and founder of LOOP Smart Retail, promises to share valuable hands-on experience from their real stories. In addition, the “golden” secrets to help businesses plan an effective financial strategy after Covid will also be shared and discussed by the speakers from the perspective of expert leaders who have many years of experience in realistic environments with extensive knowledge in economics, finance,…

The event will give managers a more comprehensive view of the impact of Covid on the economy, helping them realize the potential and opportunities to turn around for businesses after the Covid crisis. In addition, managers will be aware of the importance of change, identify the golden time to quickly and flexibly apply new solutions to restore and bring businesses safely “out of the storm.

Don’t forget to accompany IABM this weekend to equip yourself with valuable knowledge and practical experience through sharing, assessment and in-depth analysis from leading experts. Beside that, in order to support students who want to improve their professional skills and qualifications in the art of business management, human resources, and financial planning, IABM provides specialized leadership training courses with an attractive tuition discount program exclusively for the opening session of April 18th, 2022.

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