27/03 2024

Discover the Series of Experiential Activities at the Open Days of WASS and PennSchool

In February and March, the two member schools of RT Holdings organized a series of Open Days to provide Parents with valuable information about the excellent academic programs and diverse experiential activities at school. From there, Parents can easily choose a suitable learning environment for their children.

Open House “Unveiling the Future of High-Tech in Education”: Experience the Leading Technology-Integrated Educational Programs from the U.S.

On March 2, the Pennsylvania International School System (PennSchool) launched the Open House with the aim of providing a practical experience for Parents and students to explore the international learning environment through the application of modern technology based on the American standards. The event was also an opportunity for PennSchool to introduce the Penn Standard Program that will be implemented in the upcoming academic year 2024 – 2025.

In addition to valuable information about teaching methods, learning pathways, and experiential activities at the School, Parents had the opportunity to directly visit the facilities, seek direct advice from the Admission Department, and receive special offers only at this event. Besides participating in the demo class, students had a chance to experience operating modern equipment such as VR, AR, Drones, and so on. 

Experience the Pioneering Technology-Integrated Education Pathway in the Second Open Day at WASS

With the goal of continuing to spread the values and quintessence of one of the world’s top-quality education systems, the Western Australian International School System (WASS) organized the second Open Day with the theme “Pioneering Excellence in the Digital Age” on March 9, 2024.

The event brought unique experiences for Parents and students to comprehensively explore the pioneering school implementing the superior training pathway of Western Australia, while experiencing the intersection of Australian educational essence and the application of advanced science and technology to teaching at WASS.

In addition to valuable information about the curriculum and student sharing about school life, the information session with the Board of Principals allowed Parents to pose questions about their concerns. Students attending this Open Day also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Western Australia curriculum through the demo class and received many interesting gifts for completing special challenges.

Experience the Educational Technology Environment and Discover the Common Illnesses When Children Go to Kindergarten at the WASS Kindergarten Open Day Series

With the purpose of helping Parents solve their concerns about finding a Kindergarten for their children, WASS Kindergarten organized the Open Day “Tech Wonders: Play, Learn, Explore!” on February 24, 2024. The event provided an opportunity for Parents and children to experience a learning environment that integrates modern technology suitable for preschoolers, participate in demo classes to better understand the Western Australia curriculum implemented at WASS, and take the entrance test.

In addition to choosing a suitable learning environment for children, the common illnesses children often encounter when going to school seem to have become an “anxiety” that every parent worries about. The Talkshow “Common Illnesses When Children Go to Kindergarten,” held on March 23, also attracted a lot of Parents. The event featured a special guest – Dr. Nguyen Tri Doan, Head of Pediatrics at Victoria Healthcare – who shared many useful “advice” to help Parents prevent common illnesses and protect their children’s health when they go to school.

RT Holdings believes that the series of Open Day events at member schools enabled Parents and students to access reputable academic programs and study in a high-quality educational environment, thereby building a solid foundation for the younger generation to continue their journey of pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

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