22/04 2024

Bringing Out Youthful Energy through Easter Day Activities by WASS, PennSchool, and SISS

Easter Day is one of Western culture’s most important traditional occasions, especially for Christians. Happened in late March or early April, Easter is also a “welcoming-spring” festival, which is a symbol of budding and expressing the “revival” after a long winter.

To celebrate this special occasion, the school systems under RT Holdings organized educational and experiential field trips for students to fascinating destinations.

On March 29, Secondary and High School students at WASS and PennSchool embarked on an extremely memorable Field Trip to The Amazing Bay, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province. Throughout the trip, students engaged in various fun team-building activities, immersed themselves in the cool waters of the artificial beach, and relaxed on the serene lazy river. This excursion provided moments of genuine relaxation and opportunities for students to interact and bond with each other. Furthermore, the team-building activities helped enhance their communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, as well as fostered camaraderie and cooperation, imparting valuable lessons on the importance of teamwork.

For the Primary students of WASS, they had a Field Trip to Dam Sen Park on March 29 and April 1, 2024. Here, students could relax and form friendships through exciting team-building challenges. At the same time, WASSers danced to lively music, enjoyed captivating circus performances, and indulged in refreshing games. Moreover, WASSers immersed themselves in the natural surroundings, exploring colorful castles with giant water fountains.

At PennSchool, carrying the spirit of courageous eagles, ready to soar into new horizons, the #HomeOfTheEagles Primary students had an incredibly enriching day of experiential learning at Suoi Tien Cultural Park on April 1. Students had the opportunity to admire the fresh landscape and rich green areas, participate in team-building activities, and challenge their intelligence and flexibility through games that focus on enhancing communication and teamwork skills. After completing the team-building activities, the students received a huge reward, which was the freedom to have fun with friends at Vietnam’s first artificial beach area – Tien Dong Ngoc Nu Beach.

Also on April 1, a bus filled with laughter and anticipation brought SISS students to the World Farm. Here, Jaguars warmed up their bodies with super fun warm-up exercises to the cheerful rhythm of “Bai ca tom ca.” The Jaguars did not hesitate to get dirty and participated in super fun sports games such as the sack race, ring toss, balance bike riding, egg transfer by mouth, and tug of war. After completing the games, they embarked on an “Easter Egg Hunt” in the lush green garden and applied their creativity and innate artistic abilities to decorate colorful Easter eggs. Finally, at the Hue Craft Village, they learned about traditional paper printing, popcorn-making, and cake baking. Particularly, they got to pour cake batter themselves and explore the fascinating baking process.

Through a series of meaningful activities on Easter Day, students from WASS, PennSchool, and SISS enjoyed a moment of fun, strengthened friendships, and added wonderful memories to their youthful journey, sharing joyful moments with their friends and teachers. RT Holdings, in general, and educational units, in particular, hope that these beautiful memories from each trip will be cherished pieces of fresh, vibrant memories that students will always treasure throughout their journey to adulthood.

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