28/12 2023

What made the Christmas 2023 celebrations special in WASS?

The Christmas festivities at WASS in 2023 were marked by special and vibrant activities, bringing warmth and joy to both teachers and students amid the chilly weather of the year-end days. The enchanting beauty, a magical blend of green and red hues from Christmas trees, tinsel, and sparkling stars, along with adorable reindeer figures, created a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Let’s take a stroll through the “Jingle Twinkle Fiesta” Christmas celebration to explore the unique activities of WASS students!

Commencing in December, students immersed themselves in the festive ambiance at the “Christmas Fair” held across all WASS campuses. In the lively festival atmosphere, WASSers eagerly explored and shopped for items, sweets, and handmade gifts. Engaging in entertaining games and being captivated by the sweet melodies of the “Christmas Choir” performance, students also joined hands in spreading love and kindness through the activity “24 Acts of Christmas Kindness from Santa.” Notably, the Christmas Fair took on greater significance as all proceeds contributed to the Community Fund – Empower the Next Generation, supporting the “Yen Bai, vi ngay mai tuoi dep” project during the academic year 2023-2024.

Continuing the Christmas events in 2023, the Primary School students and their parents enjoyed a full and laughter-filled weekend during the Christmas Cookie Making Workshop. Over 100 families came together to learn how to create delicious cookies shaped like Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas trees, candy canes, Christmas stockings, snowmen, and especially the unique Yule Log cakes. The workshop, led by the experienced pastry chef Ms. Chung Ngoc Thao from American College of Vietnam (AmCollege), was a resounding success, resulting in artistic masterpieces by students and their families.

For the Secondary School students, they had an amusing day showcasing their mixology skills at the Bartender Workshop. Here, experts introduced them to the art of mixing and decorating the signature Christmas drink, the Mojito – Berry Christmas. In the lively and vibrant atmosphere, Mr. Chau Nhat Quang and Mr. Duong Thien Phu, both experienced mixology instructors from AmCollege, provided enthusiastic guidance, helping students create delicious and appealing Berry Christmas cocktails. Furthermore, before concluding this unique workshop, WASSers took the time to share and raise a toast to their accomplishments.

Christmas at WASS became even more radiant as teachers and students embraced Candy Cane Day – a non-uniform day that encourages the Western Australian community to dress in attire and accessories matching the colors of Christmas candy canes, predominantly white and red. During the event, students were thrilled to exchange meaningful gifts prepared for the “Gift Exchange” activity. They also received secret gifts from Santa Claus through the remarkably realistic impersonation of the male teachers. Additionally, handcrafting activities related to Christmas, such as cutting and pasting themed decorations or assembling letters to form snowmen’s names, added to the excitement of the young WASSers. The “Dear Santa” activity allowed the little ones to design charming handwritten letters with their wishes, allowing them to realize their long-awaited gifts, thanks to the thoughtful preparations of the teachers. Overall, the Christmas season of 2023 brought abundant joy and happiness at WASS.

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