01/12 2022

WASS proudly organized the first graduation for WACE students

On November 30th, 2022, WASS held the graduation ceremony for the first generation of students of the WACE program. The ceremony was held in a majestic setting, bringing to a close the proud journey of WACE students graduating in 2022.

The WACE Program is the international academic path at WASS. Its aims are to help students build a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge and
important life skills so they can go on to study at universities around the world and achieve success in the future. The WACE Diploma is awarded to high school students who complete the program’s international requirements. It is a nationally recognized qualification in the Australian
Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The first generation of WACE graduates has marked another important milestone on the journey of teaching and learning at WASS. The graduation
ceremony not only recognizes accomplishments, but also the maturity of the first WACE students. The bright smiles, affectionate hugs, or happy tears of the graduates and their families brought an unforgettable atmosphere to this special graduation ceremony.

A proud journey lasting 698 days has officially ended, but it has also brought the beginning of a new and promising journey that awaits you ahead. The knowledge, skills, and memories under the roof of WASS will be a solid  launching pad for them to set off on their future journey.

WASS takes pride in the graduation ceremony of the first generation of WACE. Believing in the future generation, WASS will continue to produce generations of WACE students who are eager to learn, become self-assured, be adaptable, have an international perspective, and be prepared to become elite global citizens.


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