13/12 2021

WASS and Pennschool welcomed students back to school post pandamic

On December 13th, the Western Australian International School System and the Pennsylvania American International School had welcomed students back to school after a period of online learning from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts. The resumption of offline classrooms provides a chance to assist students better in absorbing knowledge in the most intuitive and effective manner possible. Besides, engaging and entertaining activities after school are available to provide students with experiences necessary for holistic development.

As excited as we were to see our beloved students back, WASS and Pennschool did not forget to take precautions to maintain safety for everyone at school. We also implement stringent testing procedures to guarantee student safety and to provide the best learning environment for students. Classes are split into two to ensure a maximum of 15 students per class.

WASS and PennSchool will try our best to provide a safe school environment to make sure that all students can return to school soon.

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