03/11 2022

WASS and PennSchool students enjoy a “relaxation and self-care” field trip

Trips that allow students to go outside and explore nature are fantastic opportunities for them to explore, examine what they learn in school, and discover new things in life. From mid August to late September, WASS and PennSchool organized a series of field trips. This was the first set of field trips for all grades in the 2022 2023 school year.

The trip kicked off with WASS and PennSchool students from preschool-grade to grade 1 taking part in a number of wholesome activities. This included digging potatoes, planting rice, and catching ducks at Dragon Farm. Following that, students in grades 2, and grades 3 to 5, and grades 6 through 12 simultaneously enjoyed a series of exciting activities including challenging team building games and resistance games in the campfire program. They also got to explore the underground water at Mineral Hot Springs in Binh Chau, and completely immerse themselves in the Hawaiian themed Tropicana Theme Park in Ho Tram. Finally, the students consolidated these treasured memories together at the unforgettable Gala Dinner. 

These immersive and educational field trips organized by WASS and PennSchool provide students with an opportunity to build solidarity, learn to share, strengthen their self-reliance, and gain other soft skills through fun activities. WASS and PennSchool are excited to host more memorable events that will provide students with the best educational opportunities.

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