25/03 2022

WASS and Penn School successfully organized the final round of TEDxYouth with the participation of 20 outstanding students.

TED Talks and TEDxYouth videos (regional talks on themes presented by local speakers) are held regularly to achieve the goal of stimulating dialogue, connection, and communicating ideas to a wide audience. TED talks include a variety of topics, such as education, business, science, technology, creativity, and have brought much knowledge, and have inspired millions of people around the world, overcoming geographical boundaries and language differences.

In the school year of 2021 – 2022, the TEDxYouth event was held at WASS for the second time and at PennSchool for the first time. The events were held with the aim of offering a unique and auspicious platform for students to hone their eloquence and presenting ability, as well as their research skills, worldview development, and reasoning ability.

Participants of the final round included the 9 best WASSers from the previous round, presenting the topic “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation”, and 11 outstanding Eagles from PennSchool, sharing their views on the theme “The New Uses of Technology in Education – Innovation & Flexibility”. Each student, from both WASS and PennSchool, exemplified distinguished global citizens as they expressed their varied viewpoints on the spirit of innovation, creativity in learning, and use of technology in education; leaving their mark on the TEDxYouth@WASS and TEDxYouth@PennSchool 2022 events.

After the presentations, all students received a certificate of participation in TED Talks. Students participating in the final round will have a video presentation of their own to post on the official TedxYouth page as recognition of their confidence and ability to articulate their brilliant ideas. In the future, WASS and Penn School will continue to organize similar activities to create more engaging environments to provide students with the opportunity to add as many memorable experiences as possible on their academic journey.

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