24/03 2023

The Talent Development Academy organizes an Open Day event entitled “Creative Summer – Unlock Your Talents”

The Open Day event of TDA with the subject “Creative Summer – Unlock Your Talents” was organized at 43 Nguyen Thong campus on the morning of March 18, 2023, with many Parents and children aged 5 to 12 in attendance.

The goal of the Open Day is to provide Parents and students with hands-on experience with the activities that will take place within the framework of the Summer Camp 2023, while also providing opportunities for students to join a talent class on subjects in Technology, Science, and the Arts to “unlock” their potential.

Students who are interested in technology can take on the role of a Graphic Designer to learn how to utilize design tools or as a Robot Engineer to become acquainted with the SPIKE Essential Kit and challenge racing programming.

Students who are interested in Art subjects had the opportunity to freely create each drawing out of flowers, leaves, and colorful papers. Students in the science-themed talent class were delighted to explore “Strawberry Road”, learn about the stages of mulberry tree growth, and plant the seeds themselves.

In addition to the colorful experiential classes, TDA designed interesting play-and-learn activities such as Robot Vex, Universe Exploration, Super Scientist, Clay Challenge, and Pro CV Builder to stimulate creativity and give interesting gifts to the participants who experience all the activities in this event.

At the event, Parents were also given the opportunity to see the campus and admire the creative creations created by students.

This Open Day has helped Parents better understand the Summer Camp 2023 Talent Camp program as well as create conditions for the little ones to show their passion and awaken their natural talents. Summer is almost here, and TDA is ready to experience useful things with students.

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