07/08 2022

The most memorable summer of our students at WASS Kindergarten

WASS always emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning in the early years programs. It is believed to be one of the most effective methodologies for assisting children in learning through direct experience, skills development, clear orientation of true values in life, and thus, helping them unleash their potential.

Recently, WASS Kindergarten has successfully organized the summer course Voyage to America with Columbus lasting from June 13th, 2022 to August 5th, 2022. After 8 weeks of participation, the students have graduated with many useful and unforgettable experiences.

During the course, the students took part in some fascinating activities, such as the American Food Festival, the Super Silly Fun Land, the Summer Camp Hawaii Party, etc. Thanks to these activities, the atmosphere of 260 Dien Bien Phu Campus and 35 Nguyen Huu Canh Campus became ever more lively and vibrant. The children had a wonderful time learning interesting knowledge about American culture and cuisine.

This is also the goal of WASS Kindergarten’s summer course: learning and growing through direct experience.

The final day of the course provided the students with remarkable moments with our teachers. It also marked the end of their special journey of discovering America. Our teachers awarded certificates and meaningful gifts to all students for having successfully completed the summer course.

It should be highly praised that the success of the course is largely due to the participation of our Kindergarten teachers. They tirelessly contributed to the course with their professional, creative, and brave spirits, all rooted in their love for the children. Throughout the entire summer course, it is believed that the teachers have had the opportunity to also cultivate and improve their teaching skills. This will also serve as a foundation for teachers to enter the new school year with a ready-to-go and can-do mentality.

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