12/08 2023

The K-12 Division of RT Holdings has simultaneously launched the Professional Development Training Week for Teachers

To actively prepare for the new academic year 2023 – 2024, K-12 members under RT Holdings have organized the Professional Development Training Week from August 1st to 11th.

In addition, RT Holdings’ K12 school systems, WASS and PennSchool, have achieved accreditations and educational quality recognition from prominent international and Vietnamese organizations, including reputable accrediting bodies such as Cognia, CIS, SCSA and IBO. Therefore, the organization of Professional Development Training Week was a central activity in the academic year to ensure that the school’s academic programs were implemented according to the designated roadmap and requirements set forth by accrediting organizations. Concurrently, this emphasized the international educational orientation of the schools within RT Holdings.

During the 2-week training period, educators had the opportunity to engage in seminars, specialized training sessions, and exchange experiences. The overarching goal of this series of activities was to provide avenues for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning while elevating teachers’ knowledge and skills.

Teachers within RT Holdings were given the chance to learn from prominent educational specialists, gaining insights into effective teaching methodologies and grasping emerging educational trends. The discussions and group activities also aided educators in crafting engaging and highly interactive specialized training hours.

Prominent training contents that teachers have been exposed to encompass:

  • Building a matrix of math test questions for grades 1, 2, and 3 (according to the MOET Curriculum 2018)
  • Canvas, S360 and Canva Training
  • Introduction to PLC (Professional Learning Community)
  • Introduction to the Vertical Meeting Team
  • School Psychology Seminar
  • Training for Implementing STEAM Education (according to the MoET Curriculum 2018)

Also within the spectrum of training activities, the teaching team had the opportunity to delve deeper into the concept of “education for happiness,” one of the prominent educational trends worldwide. Through this, educators could actively contribute to the goal of establishing a safe and nurturing learning environment that prioritizes safeguarding the rights and mental well-being of students during the academic year 2023-2024 and the subsequent years.

We believe that through Professional Development Training Week, teachers have grown more confident in their instructional roles, fostering the holistic development of students and instilling strong confidence in the parental community. This, in turn, contributes positively to the success of RT Holdings.

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