27/09 2023

The entire RT Holdings system joins hands to paint peaceful blue hues

During the recent Peace Day event (International Day of Peace) on September 21, activities took place at the Fundraising Community of Western Australian International School System (WASS), PennSchool System (PennSchool), and Sydney International School System (SISS) organizing extremely meaningful activities for students to spread the message of peace with the goal of building and preserving a global community of justice and happiness for all humanity.

Peace Day 2023 in WASS, with the theme “Global Harmony – Embracing Peace”, has been meticulously decorated by students to create beautiful giant wings. The colorful wings in WASS carry many meaningful messages, symbolizing the desire for peace and expressing the children’s wishes for equality and a bright future. Meanwhile at SISS, children were free to decorate the peace symbol “Together in Beautiful Peace” on wooden panels and together learn more about the meaning of peace as well as share their opinions on how to maintain world peace.

The response activity on September 21 at PennSchool was equally interesting, the #HomeOfTheEagles participated in drawing and coloring a giant painting on the theme of peace and together they made and handed out friendship bracelets. This activity has brought students closer together, further building a spirit of solidarity and harmony in a safe and healthy learning environment as well as reinforcing the ideal of sustainable peace. At the same time, #HomeOfTheEagles took turns filling the “PEACE” box with paper cranes. They also broadcast and listened to a podcast about Peace Day to send wishes, spread kindness, and encourage people to act together in order to help those in difficult situations in society.

Particularly in response to this meaningful event, all Teachers and Staff together were dressed in blue outfits while teaching and working. teaching and working. Students at WASS, PennSchool and SISS also agreed to “wear” their blue shirts. For each student wearing a blue shirt to school, the Group will donate 10,000 VND to contribute to the Community Fund at Schools in order to help those in difficult situations throughout the country.

The exciting and extremely practical activities on International Day of Peace are an opportunity for all members and students to understand the meaning of this special holiday, thereby joining hands to build a learning environment. Work in a friendly, safe environment where each individual is treated equally and loved by each other.

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