24/11 2023

SISS Stirred Up November with House Sports Day

Continuing the productive learning spirit of the first days of the academic year, the teachers and students of Sydney International School System had an extremely exciting House Sports Day on November 9, 2023.

With the theme “Chasing Glory – Racing Jaguars”, the House Sports Day served as an activation for the bravery and resilient spirit of the Jaguars. Being involved in the House Sports Day, members of the four Houses, including Apollo, Athena, Zeus, and Asclepius, competed with each other in numerous sports, including tug of war, soccer, sack races, obstacle races, and dodgeball.

After hours of challenging competition, the Jaguars excelled in bringing back valuable points to their House. The final score is calculated according to the sum of the two competition groups. With the spirit of playing hard, the Jaguars brought about extremely balanced results.

First Place: House of Zeus
Second Place: House of Athena
Third Place: House of Apollo and House of Asclepius

The image of students celebrating their victory contributed to shortening the gap between them and demonstrated the solidarity of the SISS community. Not only that, the students also had the opportunity to enhance their physical fitness, promote sportsmanship, express their passion for their favorite subject, and develop many other important skills.

That is also the “bare fruit” that the School has achieved when bringing students to this dynamic sports playground. Therefore, SISS helps them lay the groundwork for a happy future by forming a lifelong connection to sports and physical activity, in addition to activities that help them consolidate their knowledge and nurture their mental health.

The energetic source of vitality and the unwavering spirit of the teachers and students at SISS will undoubtedly serve as the foundation for pushing SISS forward in its mission to achieve its specific goals as well as the Group’s overall objectives.

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