20/08 2023

SISS started its first school year with new prospects

With the pleasure and enthusiasm that permeated the Group in the first days of the school year 2023 – 2024, Sydney International School System – the new member of RT Holdings – was delighted to welcome the first students of the integrated program of New South Wales (Australia).

SISS has quickly joined WASS and PennSchool to welcome students in the school year 2023 – 2024 after commencing to implement the enrollment strategy at the beginning of 2023 with several efforts to promote the brand name.

This is the first school year of SISS and also the first time that the New South Wales program is officially taught in Vietnam. Being the pioneer to teach the New South Wales program is something SISS is proud of. Still, it also presents numerous problems for the School in terms of educating students about the unique academic ideals of the curriculum. In light of the fact that people are becoming more and more dependent on the advancement of science and technology, it is our responsibility to create future generations of content and obedient digital citizens.

The New South Wales program’s emphasis on encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and student engagement is one of its strengths. In order to provide students greater freedom to move around, form groups, and have discussions, new desk designs have been used in all classrooms for primary and secondary students.

In order to comply with New South Wales’ digital technology integration program, SISS also invests in cutting-edge computers and iPad systems that are rigorously regulated and run by teachers and the IT Department. This enables students to have access to a wealth of online educational resources, promotes responsible device usage, and enhances student learning through technological applications.

SISS welcomed parents and students to share information during Orientation Week, which was held from August 15th to August 17th, 2023, at the start of the new school year. This was also an opportunity for students to meet their homeroom teacher, friends, and new classes, as well as participate in some welcome activities prepared by the School.

The road ahead for SISS remains challenging and lengthy. However, SISS will boldly conquer all obstacles to preserve the educational aim and become a member with an exceptional contribution to the success of RT Holdings, thanks to the zeal, commitment, and faith of its youthful and aspiring staff.

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