28/12 2021

What’s special about Christmas 2021 at IEDG?

The bustling atmosphere of the year-end festive season is everywhere, and IEDG is no exception. Although we are busy preparing to welcome students back to school and contribute to the series of “Light up the Hearts” activities to help difficult children at Children’s Hospital 2 at WASS and PennSchool, the graduation and final exams for students at AmCollege and IABM, or highly focused on organizing a large-scale online Higher Education Expo event Virtual College Fair 2021, members of the big IEDG family still welcome a new Christmas season with many unforgettable impressions.

Let’s check out some of the special activities of IEDGers during the Christmas season 2021 and the last days before welcoming the New Year 2022:

  • Together decorating a cozy Christmas for all campuses at IEDG

During the year-end festivals, entering any IEDG campuses, you can feel the vibrant atmosphere from the meticulously festooned scene with Christmas trees and sparkling adornments.

  • Joining the Christmas and New Year party “Under the Stars”

With the meaning “Each member is a star contributing their own light to the open IEDG sky”, a series of Christmas and New Year celebrations with the theme “Under the Stars” for foreign teachers, Vietnamese teachers and staff took place from December 17, 2021 to December 24, 2021 in the joy of gathering and sharing.

  • Receiving meaningful spiritual gifts from the Group

Not only bringing warm wishes, IEDG also sends to the members of the Group meaningful spiritual gifts on the occasion of Christmas, in which the highlight is the Christmas and New Year video with varied significant performances from our talented teachers and members.

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