14/09 2022

“Students are not the future, they are the present, because everything they do now will have an impact tomorrow.”

During his 10 years of tireless devotion to the great cause of education, the fervent and love for Mr. Gustavo’s craft have never been withered, with the ultimate goal of generating values to future generations to come. In this article, we’ve gotten the opportunity to settle down and listen to the many aspirational experiences he has governed during his time as Principal of the WA program. In this interview, as we were given a deeper glance into his commitment to WASS, his vision and directions spearheading into this new school year of 2022 – 2023 came to a forefront.

1. What is your educational philosophy?

I am convinced that in order to transcend the reality of people there must be a process of modeling that is born from the classes and the contribution of the teacher to improve the quality of life and the possibilities that are presented in the future in the intellectual renewal of the students.

To educate does not mean to transmit knowledge, but to generate opportunities so that through knowledge they can explore the world that surrounds them and understand its meaning, so that in time they can make this knowledge their own and transform it.

2. Why did you choose the path of education and have consistently pursued it until now? 

I had the opportunity to attend the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme(IBDP) and explore subjects that I had not considered before and after a journey filled with many discoveries I not only became a professional at the university but I was fortunate enough to teach and discover a vocation that was inherent and that I had not realized. After enriching myself with learning
environments and seeing how generations of students become agents of change, all the effort and time invested has been worth it.

3. How do you feel when taking on the position of Principal of IWAP?

I assumed with great enthusiasm the trust placed in me by the Board of Directors to continue the improvements that Stephen initiated at the time and seeing the possibilities and projection that the school has, I am motivated to be part of this construction of change and continue contributing to the welfare of the entire educational community.

4. Innovating teaching and learning methods are always two of the important missions of each school, how do you feel about the innovations of WASS in recent years?

I consider that the school is in an initial state to innovate its educational practices and undoubtedly the contribution and stimulus generated in recent years by the accreditations and their implementation processes, has served to reflect on the path that fits our realities and the primary needs of the school to continue to constantly improve. Likewise, the teaching team is increasingly consolidated to achieve strategic planning in the short term.

5. As the Principal of the Western Australian program, please share the development orientation of the school in the new school year.

We will continue to respect the methodological and academic guidelines that SCSA requires us to implement the Western Australia curriculum, and we have set specific objectives to continue to strengthen both the WACE program and the IBDP for high school.

One of the medium term goals is to be able to contribute to the bilingual program the benefits that these rigorous programs enact in the transfer of knowledge.

6. In your opinion, what makes a great teacher?

The greatness of a teacher is not measured by the years of experience or the wisdom he or she possesses, but by the ability to transcend generations through the organic link with students, and this requires personal mastery and development of soft skills.

7. A new school year has started again, is there any word you would like to say to the students now and in the future?

As I mentioned to the Ly Chinh Thang Campus students on the first day of classes during the assembly, be able to take advantage of all that the school has to offer as well as the potential and dynamism of the teachers. Don’t be tourists on campus, be active players in the improvement of your community. Students are not the future, they are the present, because everything they do now will have an impact tomorrow.


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