11/11 2023

The story of a Marketer in the education industry (Part 2)

In the previous magazine issue, the story of the marketing profession in the education industry was shared by Ms. Nguyen Tran Yen Nhi – Head of the Event and Internal Communications Department, receiving numerous positive feedback from RT Connection readers. In this 15th edition, the magazine continues to bring captivating and emotional stories to teachers through the sharing of Mr. Quach Anh Tuan – Deputy Head of the Design & Media Department under the Marketing Board of RT Holdings.

Hello Mr. Tuan, could you please introduce yourself to the RT Connection readers?

Greetings to all teachers and colleagues, I’m Tuan, the Deputy Manager of Design under the Marketing Board of RT Holdings. My responsibilities include overseeing the filming and photography of various activities and events for the company. As per feedback, I’m described as a sociable, cheerful, and open-minded individual. From a personal perspective, I consider myself someone who appreciates innovation and creative thinking.
Speaking about my journey with the company, it’s been a dedication of my youth. As of this December, I’ve been working at RT Holdings for 8 years. Although it was not an exceptionally long period, it has been sufficient for me to continuously learn, develop, and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the Group.

Can you share a beautiful memory of you and the Design & Media Team when working on projects for the Group?

Since taking on the role of the Deputy Manager of Design, my fellow Design & Media Team and I have many beautiful and “laughing or crying” memories. Perhaps, what stands out the most are the memories of events throughout the year, the opening ceremonies, and graduation days for the students. During these days, everyone is busy with video production projects for the programs. Although it can be somewhat tiring, we always encourage and support each other, creating laughter to forget the stress and deliver the highest quality results together.

During your career development at RT Holdings, have you encountered any difficult situations or challenges in filming and photographing projects?

During my career development at RT Holdings, two things have been both exciting and challenging: capturing moments with preschoolers and shooting real-life scenes. To achieve beautiful footage, the Media Team needs to exert great effort— doing actions that evoke genuine emotions from the young children while staying agile and ready with the camera to capture valuable moments.

For real-life scenes featuring teachers and students, the Marketing Team typically drafts the scripts and segments the shots very precisely. However, unexpected challenges arise during the actual filming, such as children being shy in front of the camera or unfavorable weather conditions. The difficulty in this work lies in the team’s need to be flexible, adaptable and ready to change the script to best suit the real-life situation.

What new trends in filming, editing, and photography are you currently exploring to enhance the quality and creativity of your work?

Currently, there is a rising trend of short-form videos, ranging from 15 to 30 seconds, dominating across various social media platforms. This allows viewers to quickly grasp information.

In this context, me and my team members are constantly exploring and enhancing our skills to create videos that efficiently convey information and stories in a concise and complete manner. We strive to stay updated on applications, including AI, that can optimize the filming and editing processes. The continuous learning and integration of new technologies are aimed at taking actions that our work requires and producing valuable content for the Group.

When working with the Design & Media Team, do you have any specific principles or tips to ensure efficiency and quality performance in your work?

In my work, I believe that mutual understanding and respect are two crucial criteria for team members to bond and work effectively. That’s why I always strive to accurately assess the capabilities of each team member to allocate tasks in the most reasonable manner. I set clear goals for our work so that everyone can coordinate their tasks and create value for the Group and for themselves.

Additionally, I actively listen to the opinions, perspectives, and desires of team members to provide timely support and guidance. Each month, our team holds a meeting to evaluate completed tasks, identify areas for change and improvement, and prepare for upcoming plans. In addition, team members take turns rotating through different tasks to diversify and enhance multitasking skills in our work.

Through the heartfelt and passionate sharing of Mr. Quach Anh Tuan, we can truly witness his dedication, enthusiasm, and zeal for his profession at RT Holdings. The Group hopes that through each story, teachers will gain additional interesting and multidimensional perspectives on tasks related to marketing in the field of education.

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