01/12 2023

Perceptions about the profession of a preschool teacher and facts that few people know

In the world of children, preschool teachers are like second mothers, always gentle and nurturing towards the little ones. Teachers not only impart knowledge and skills but also share important lessons on confidence and creativity. In this vibrant learning environment, the role of preschool teachers becomes more crucial than ever, as the knowledge and skills children acquire in their early years significantly contribute to shaping their personalities in the future.

Throughout the learning journey, teachers accompany the children on the path to acquiring new knowledge and skills, simultaneously caring for them in terms of meals and sleep. To gain diverse insights into the preschool teaching profession, let’s explore the perspectives shared by preschool teachers from WASS together with RT Connection.

When children first start school, they often feel uncertain and shy about everything around them. What do teachers do to help them integrate with their friends when they go to school?

“I still remember those first days when the children arrived at class – the hesitation, shyness, and a bit of mischief – it’s hard to forget. The children cried a lot because it was the first time they had left the loving embrace of their parents to enter a completely unfamiliar environment.

They cried to release the homesickness within them, and I knew they needed a comforting hug and a mother’s gentle touch. In the initial days, my little ones were hesitant, refusing to eat and crying during nap times, longing for their families, and withdrawing due to the unfamiliar environment. I embraced them with all the love of a mother, taking care of their every meal, and providing comfort during sleep. I always observed, cared for, and shared with the parents about the habits and progress that their dear ones achieved. Perhaps because the children understood the love and dedication I put into guiding them into our big-class family, today they have integrated very well. They have learned to love, share, and have become such well-behaved little ones.” – Ms. Tran Mai Thy, Penguin Class Teacher at Western Australian Preschool.

In addition to fun and entertaining lessons with children, what do teachers need to prepare to provide interesting and appropriate lessons to increase each child’s thinking ability?

To help children thrive physically, mentally, and academically, the RT Holdings teaching team consistently innovates their knowledge, seeking and applying the best methods in each lesson for the students. The preschool level is no exception, where teachers meticulously prepare their lessons to deliver high-quality, engaging, and easily understandable instructions for the young learners.

Ms. To Thi Bich Phuong, preschool teacher of Koala 1 class, shares: ‘As a preschool teacher, every day at school brings me many exciting experiences with the children. To create joy and laughter for students, I always strive to improve and learn more about educational methods. I prepare suitable toys and learning materials for each topic to help students easily visualize and understand the content I want to convey. At preschool age, the concentration and adherence to the teacher’s instructions may not always go as expected. I always try to be flexible and ready to change the lesson content if necessary to meet the needs and capture the interest of students. Furthermore, I create conditions for students to learn at their own pace and apply approaches that suit their abilities. I provide exercises ranging from simple to complex, tailored to each child’s capabilities. Ensuring a conducive, comfortable, and safe learning environment helps students feel more confident in expressing their opinions and thoughts. The most important aspect of being a teacher is passion for the profession, love, and dedication to my students, creating a positive learning environment every time they come to class.”

In the process of teaching and caring for children, teachers have encountered various difficulties and challenges. How have they overcome these challenges?

Ms. Le Ngoc Hoang Yen, teacher of the PBWA1 class at Western Australian International School System, shares: “During the process of teaching and caring for the children, I have encountered numerous difficulties and challenges. At this age, children need care, attention, and close psychological monitoring. Therefore, I always engage in positive conversations and exchanges with them, creating a comfortable and interesting environment for them both in the classroom and during lessons. A day in the class is quite busy with various activities, and there are situations where I need to be mentally prepared to address issues. However, I have overcome all of them thanks to encouragement from colleagues. I often seek advice from those around me, and the empathy and support from my second home make me feel reassured. I am truly grateful, from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, after the working hours at school, I reflect on everything that happened in the class when I get home. I remember my initial determination when I chose the preschool teaching profession, and it became a great motivation for me to stay committed to the profession. I have always loved the innocent eyes and the cute faces, and I will continue dedicating my entire life to this career, overcoming any difficulties or challenges that may come my way.”

Teachers, can you share the moments of your teaching that you remember most?

“As a preschool teacher, education is always a source of happiness for me. I believe that children come to school to experience comprehensive development. Over the years in this profession, every moment has been precious to me. Witnessing the children’s radiant smiles and growth every day is what makes a teacher feel the greatest joy and pride. 

Last year, in my class, there was a little girl who stood out from the others. I noticed her from the very first days. She cried a lot, didn’t ask for her dad, nor called her mom like her peers. She only cried loudly and called the name of Lan – the housekeeper. Through discussions with the parents, I learned that the girl had delayed speech and eating difficulties. She often stayed at home with the housekeeper, received little attention from her parents, and was frequently given a phone to keep her quiet. Recognizing this special case, I tried to communicate with the parents to change their approach to raising their child, dedicating quality time to her. Additionally, every day in class, I made an effort to talk to her so she could talk to me. Alongside that, I tried to find more reading materials and acquire knowledge to support her.

Day by day, with the combined efforts of herself, her family, and my dedication, the little girl finally uttered the words ‘Ms.Hanh.’ This truly moved me and brought tears of happiness. She began saying three words, then four, and eventually formed complete sentences. I silently thanked myself for the patience and determination to help her improve every day. And I realized that a teacher is happy when the children are happy.” – Ms. Bui Hong Hanh, Teacher of Wombat 1 Class at Western Australian Preschool.

Everyone has their own reasons for entering a certain job, but to forge a strong connection with it, one needs a love that emanates from the heart. For preschool teachers, it’s no exception; it’s the love for young children and personal dedication. Although the job may be challenging, teachers at Western Australian Preschool continue to exert their utmost effort for noble principles, finding joy in the simplest and most ordinary things. The Group also hopes that all teachers and individuals working in the field of education will remain steadfast in their passion for their chosen profession, always giving their best to nurture meaningful moments and ensure the little seeds we care for grow into thriving, healthy trees.

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