01/07 2022

“Love, sharing, and gratitude are 3 words I use to express my love for Indochina Group”

Teachers are the ones who play the most important role in nurturing children’s inquisitive minds and preparing them for the challenges of the future. In gratitude for those dedication efforts, Indochina Group awarded the title “Golden Apple” to teachers with outstanding achievements. Based on the collective and the School Administrator nominations, voted by the trust and love of colleagues throughout the Group, we have selected the typical representatives to receive this award.

Indochina Group would like to send congratulations and sincere appreciation to:

  1. Ms. Ngo Thi Tuong Vy – Co-Teacher
  2. Mr. Levan Bernard – Math & Science Teacher
  3. Mr. John Umahag – Art & House Coordinator

Let’s meet and listen to the inspirational sharing from Ms. Ngo Thi Tuong Vy!

1. How do you feel when you become one of the typical inspirational people for the education career at Indochina Group?

Honestly, at this moment in time, I still can’t forget the feeling when my name was called for the Golden Apple Award. Above all, I feel extremely grateful and I appreciate the recognition for my efforts from the School Administrators. However, every other teacher also dedicated their best. Receiving this award makes me feel like I am the luckiest person in the world.

2. During the educational journey, what is the greatest achievement that you have achieved?

I think the greatest achievement for a teacher is to be able to inspire students to learn. They feel happy when they come to my class, they miss me when I am not there. That love spreads to the parents, they appreciate me. It’s a great feeling.

3. What is the most pressure thing you have faced as a teacher over these years? How did you overcome them?

For me, it was probably the pandemic period. I was worried for the students more than for myself. What would they be like without direct observation and guidance, would they be able to keep up with the lesson, etc.

I found interesting teaching methods, tried to be friends with my students, texted, and communicated more so that they wouldn’t be afraid to ask when having problems.

Fortunately, the children’s families also cooperated willingly with teachers to supervise and support the children in time.

4. Where did you get inspiration for your chosen education career?

My mother was the one who established the education path for me when she told me that I seemed suitable to be an educator. I agreed to follow through, but at the time I didn’t believe what she said. Having experienced an internship program in high school, I realized that I love the environment very much as I like talking with my little “friends”, and the way they show their affection towards me. From then on, I started to be “greedy” for that love and pursued it until now. There was a time when fate led to another career opportunity, I tried it and then realized that education is my passion.

5. From the first days of joining the Group, what goals have you set for yourself in your career?

I have never thought that I would work in order to receive this award. Teachers all have and are striving for an educational goal, and I only make a small contribution to that great goal. I love children, I love education, and I have found a suitable environment, so I always aim to fulfill the job well.

6. During the two years affected by Covid-19, Education suffered many serious effects. So have you ever felt bewildered? How have you adjusted your teaching method?

I still recall the period in which everything transitioned online due to Covid-19, teachers had to learn to adapt quickly to find the best teaching method for students. I felt extremely nervous because I wondered if I could do well. Fortunately, the school had organized training courses on online teaching platforms combined with learning from other colleagues, which helped me a lot in overcoming difficulties and obstacles.

My current teaching method has incorporated more interesting learning websites and interactive games that help spark students’ excitement through learning and having fun at the same time.

7. If you could use 3 words to express your feelings for the “home” Indochina Group, which 3 words would you choose and why?

Love: because I have received a lot of love from my students and all my colleagues.

Sharing: I could share my worries with my colleagues, and superiors. I’m not alone here.

Grateful: thanks for the fate that brought me to this place, and thanks to everyone who sticks with me through my ups and downs. It’s great to be part of the “home” called Indochina Group.

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