27/12 2021

IEDG’s 2021 Work Anniversary: Serene and emotional

On December 22nd 2021, IEDG held a Work Anniversary for all members of the Group who have “marked” 15, 10 and 5 years of working here. The grateful members in the ceremony are all extremely persistent and enthusiastic companions. They are those who have been with IEDG almost all of their youth, and all of them have given their love for the overall development of the Group.

The ceremony took place in a solemn and cozy atmosphere with the participation of the Board of Principals and Managers at IEDG. Our guests had the opportunity to look back at the moving images of the members who have been with the Group for a long time and listen to each person’s sincere sharing about the IEDG “second home”.

IEDG wishes the teachers and students to always be healthy, love life and keep the flame of desire and passion for the job they have chosen.

Take a look at some memorable photos from the ceremony:

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