26/12 2021

IEDG hosted the Contest Award Ceremony in celebration of the new school year 2021-2022 with the theme “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation”

The contest to welcome the new school year 2021-2022, entitled “Embrace Flexibility and Innovation,” organized by the Indochina Education and Development Group at WASS and PennSchool, was a huge success, with over 100 interesting and revolutionary projects. It was amazing and provided teachers with a wealth of creative inspiration as they work to innovate teaching methods and adapt them to the changing needs of current educational practice.

IEDG presented the Contest Awards Ceremony in December 2021 to reward teachers who had the most innovative activities, with symbolic trophies, encouragement awards, and fresh flower bouquets. It is intended that the system’s instructors would constantly preserve and nurture a culture of openness to innovation and creativity in teaching.

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