01/07 2022

Closing ceremony of the 2021 – 2022 school year: Honoring our teachers’ excellency in the past school year

The 2021-2022 school year has been ‘unprecedented’ because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted teaching activities at educational institutions nationwide and forced the transformation of teaching methods. Regardless, these difficulties can’t defeat the enthusiasm and steadfastness of the Indochina Group’s teachers. They have tirelessly put in the efforts to transform “danger” into “opportunity” and conceived remarkable breakthroughs. Therefore, special awards were granted as a sincere appreciation and honor to our teachers. We believe that it will inspire teachers to further develop themselves one way or another.

The awards presented at the Closing Ceremony include:

  • Appreciation Award: for teachers who have completed the school year’s tasks
  • Excellence Award: for teachers who excellently complete the school year’s tasks
  • Contribution Award: for teachers who have joined in the activities, competitions, and have contributed interesting ideas to the group.
  • Dedication Award: for teachers who have devoted, worked, and attached themselves to the group.
  • Breakthrough Award: for teachers with breakthrough achievements.
  • Pioneer Award: for pioneering teachers in all activities.
  • Inspire Award: for Inspiring Teachers

The “Golden Apple” Award is the most special award of the year given to teachers based on nominations from the collective and the Board of Directors along with the votes of teachers within the Group.

  1. Ms. Ngô Thị Tường Vy – Co-Teacher
  2. Mr. Levan Bernard – Math & Science Teacher
  3. Mr. John Umahag – Art & House Coordinator

These are the exemplary individuals representing the Indochina Group’s teachers who have been constantly spreading the spirit of “Education in Love” via their knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm:

Appreciation Award

Excellence Award

Contribution Award

Dedication Award

Breakthrough Award

Pioneer Award

Inspire Award

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