16/10 2022

PennSchool’s Book Week spread a wealth of valuable knowledge

PennSchool’s mission is to assist students build lifetime study skills and a passion for learning. To do this, they consistently plan group activities that foster the spirit of knowledge acquisition, increase skills, and assist students in developing a positive learning attitude.

Students in the twenty-first century must equip themselves with a diverse set of competencies in order to become global citizens ready to spread their wings. Reading skills are one of the most effective tools to help our learners form that set of competencies. Therefore, PennSchool continuously focuses on setting up events relating to the development of reading skills and calls on its Eagles to participate.

From October 8th to 14th, 2022, PennSchool held its Book Week event, drawing enthusiastic participation from students of all grades. During this week, students had the opportunity to spend time perusing each page of their chosen book. They also enjoyed a number of exciting activities together to help them access new books. A highlight of the event was the Book Review Corner. This was where students took the opportunity to voice their opinions on characters they liked and other aspects of the books they had read. It also provided a platform for the students to learn from each other, find their own immersive books to dive into, and continue their passion for reading.

Book Week may have come to an end, but #HomeOfTheEagles certainly have developed new strategies to make reading more interesting and effective, enrich their knowledge, and continue to spread a strong reading culture in the PennSchool community.

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