03/11 2022

Penn Academy officially launched its CCSS compliant, Penn Explorer English program, for students 6 – 12 years old

As one of the long-standing members of Indochina Group, Penn Academy has consistently developed in many areas. From the quality of training and the teaching staff to the standard of its facilities, Penn Academy stands as a proud member of its parent company.

Penn Academy strives to develop high quality foreign language training programs, aiming to become a launching pad that provides Vietnamese children with the opportunity to access the most up to date English learning methods. It is dedicated to assisting its students in developing a strong foundation of foreign language proficiency early in life, as well as comprehensive skills, in order to prepare them to become exceptional global citizens in the future.

In synergy with the bustling enrollment and vibrant opening ceremonies of the new academic year of other Indochina Group’s members, last September, Penn Academy officially launched the Penn Explorer program. The course contains seven levels based on age, ranging from 6 – 12 years old, including Jogging A, Jogging B, Running A, Running B, Jumping A, Jumping B, and Flying.

This program is designed around the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This standard outlines a clear set of competencies and skills for students at each grade level, spanning from kindergarten through to 12th grade, and is applied in 46 US states. The application of the CCSS also demonstrates Penn Academy’s and Indochina Group’s teaching goals of always focusing on learners’ aptitude, skill development, and ability to apply knowledge to real life.

More information about Penn Academy’s Penn Explorer English course can be found on the website: www.pennacademy.edu.vn/

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