09/03 2023

More warm moments with the AmCollege’s Extracurricular baking class “Family Baking Class: Let’s Bake Together!”

Baking with the family is one of the experiences that helps children stimulate their creativity, practice calmness and patience, know how to care for themselves, and become more connected with their parents. In particular, parents can discover the hidden talents in baking or cooking of their children as well as build healthy habits through this activity.

Understanding that, on February 25th and March 4th, American College of Viet Nam (AmCollege) partnered with Western Australia School System (WASS) and PennSchool School System (PennSchool) to organize an Extracurricular baking class “Family Baking Class: Let’s Bake Together!” for parents and students of the two schools. The event attracted 50 couples of parents and children who love baking and wanted to attend and experience it.

With the direct guidance of Ms. Chung Ngoc Thao, parents and students learned how to make Biscotti seeds (original, green tea) and oat biscuits through each stage, from choosing ingredients to kneading dough, beating eggs until baking, producing finished products, and decorating the cakes. With the theme of International Women’s Day (March 8th), each student can pack their own delicious cakes, write on a lovely card with loving messages, and send them to Grandma, Mother, Sister – their dear woman.

Hopefully, the great experience at the extra-curriculum baking class “Family Baking Class: Let’s Bake Together!” has brought parents and students of WASS and PennSchool rewarding knowledge and, at the same time, warm and meaningful moments that will become a beautiful part of the students’ growing up process.

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