17/07 2023

Meaningful art auction event by PennSchool and TDA

On July 12th, 2023, PennSchool students participated in the Art Summer Camp organized by TDA, and parents had the opportunity to experience an art auction event called “THE MASTERPIECE SHOWCASE: STUDENTS’ ART AUCTION.”

After 6 weeks of being involved in the Art Summer Camp, PennSchool students developed their aesthetic thinking and nurtured their passion for art. They were given the freedom to create and enjoy the process of producing unique artworks such as paper mache paintings, tote bags, woven baskets, dolls, and more. These creations were displayed and auctioned off during “THE MASTERPIECE SHOWCASE: STUDENTS’ ART AUCTION” event.

The auction was lively and dramatic, featuring 10 art pieces created by the students themselves. Parents enthusiastically participated in bidding for artworks they were interested in or fond of. In the end, the program raised nearly 35 million VND, which will be directly donated to the “Light Up the Future” fund for the “Drawing Smiles in Dien Bien” initiative through the four projects: “Knowledge for the Highland Students”, “Tech Empowerment for Highland Students”, “Next Generation Knowledge Collaboration” and “Bridge of Love”. These projects aim to assist children and disadvantaged individuals in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province.

This auction activity provided an opportunity for the students to showcase their artistic talents and creativity. Moreover, the program helped them deeply appreciate the significance of using art to create positive impacts within the community.

Additionally, the auction event served as a platform for parents to demonstrate their support, encouragement, and interest in the artistic development of their children. It also contributed to fundraising and supporting education.

RT Holdings, TDA, and PennSchool sincerely express their gratitude for the wholehearted contributions and support from parents and students, working together to spread the values of love and sharing within the community.

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