28/02 2022

Institute of Accounting and Business Administration (IABM) officially changed brand identity

In a chain of revamping and innovation projects of the establishments under IEDG, The Institute of Accounting and Business Administration (IABM) underwent a complete rebranding, conducted by the parent company, at the end of last year. The renovation of the brand’s identity was announced at the beginning of this year.

Established in 2003, IABM was the debut academy of Indochina International Education Development Group. And it has proven to be a solid foundation, opening up opportunities for IEDG to create, build and develop for nearly two decades to become the strong and solid educational corporation that it is today.

It is also one of the most trusted academies and has a leading reputation in Vietnam for those holding management roles and leadership in businesses. One major factor in achieving this is that the training courses for Directors, Chief Accountants, Management, Leadership and Investment at IABM always bring the most up-to-date knowledge in keeping with the needs of the recruitment market and business environment. In addition, IABM’s students are provided the opportunity to learn from many valuable case-study by leading business experts in the country.

Furthermore, for nearly two decades of operation, IABM has provided the domestic and foreign markets with tens of thousands of accomplished finance, accounting, and auditing professionals and qualified individuals to meet the most demanding job requirements.

However, along with the fast-paced shifts across society and the rapid changes to technology, it’s time for IABM to transform to adapt to those changes. In parallel with rebuilding all training content towards practical elements and becoming more updated, IABM is also polishing the teaching staff and consultants by inviting more foreign lecturers from world-renowned corporate governance and finance training institutes.

Regarding the brand aesthetics, the Institute also announced that the new brand identity will don a modern appearance, displaying the initials with strong, bold font. In the institute’s new logo, the symbol above IABM’s initials not only evokes images of stairs to success but also connotes the meaning of the flag of pioneers in the process of discovering and conquering the treasure of knowledge. In particular, the image conveys a meaningful message: If you want to be successful, you can’t go it alone. Whether in life or in business, each of us needs the collective. We all need the support of our companions, colleagues, employees, instructors, etc. to give us more energy, motivation, and strength on every journey.

Along with the new brand identity, IABM further affirms its mission to become a reliable companion of people with innovative aspirations.

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