03/11 2022

In collaboration with WASS and PennSchool, ISA successfully organized the events “Career Orientation Week and Study Abroad Fair in Fall”

The right future career orientation can direct students toward their ideal career. It enables them to realize their full potential and seize the chance to confidently pursue their dream job.

Given the importance of having a clear career goal in mind, Indochina Group members regularly design career orientation programs for students. These programs contain real-world experience and also correlate with the school’s curriculum.

Last month, on September 21st and 22nd, ISA, WASS, and PennSchool successfully organized the events “Career Orientation Week” and “Study Abroad Fair in Fall” for the students. Thanks to the participation of over 200 students from WASS and PennSchool, the atmosphere at the 157 Ly Chinh Thang campus became more vibrant than ever.

During the event, many of the students expressed an interest in prestigious majors such as business and STEM. Ms. Nguyen Quynh Thanh Mai and Mr. Vu Van Hiep provided students with useful information along with an idea of the career prospects for those who take these two majors, allowing them to set their learning objectives.

The events were also joined by representatives from a number of well-known universities, both domestically and internationally. The universities included RMIT, Swinburne Vietnam, Australian National University (ANU), INTO US, Lakehead University, and others. As a result, WASS and PennSchool students took the opportunity to discover the attributes of various Vietnamese, American, Australian, Canadian, British, and Swiss universities. As a result, they will be able to choose the best institution for their future studies following high school graduation.

ISA expects that the events will provide valuable information and guidance to WASS and PennSchool students, particularly those interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. The events also represented ISA’s early success in an optimistic fourth quarter.

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