27/09 2018

Highlighted activities in October

So our WASSers are almost halfway through semester 1 with many interesting and helpful activities. In the coming month, WASSers should be well prepared for the midterm exams of both International and Bilingual programs in the school year 2018-2019.

With WASSers, especially WASSers in grade 12, future career orientation is an indispensable activity. To prepare well for  future success, WASS will host a Career Day for students in grades 9-12 with career simulation activities, meeting guest speakers that have practical experience to orient and help the students figure out their career paths.

Besides, the WASSers will prepare to welcome the United Nations Day with innovative activities incorporated into classroom lessons. This opens the way for integration which helps them to access world knowledge in the Western Australian environment.

In addition to the challenging examinations, there are recreational activities to help children balance their learning and relax, release stress to promote better development. October will be a month of meaningful and fun activities such as celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day and the Halloween Festival. These are certainly events for WASSers to express their feelings as well as to encourage their creativities with the unique creations, strange and impressive characters. Let’s look forward to the spectacular events that Western Australia brings to our WASSers after the midterm exams.

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