23/07 2023

Fun games & Flavors: A unique fair at Summer Camp 2023

On July 14th and 21st, 2023, students attending the Talent Summer Camp at the 43 Nguyen Thong and 10 Ba Thang Hai campuses experienced a fun-filled weekend with the “Summer Fiesta: Fun Games & Flavors” Fair.
The Summer Fiesta Fair has provided students with fascinating and engaging experiences through a variety of enjoyable summertime activities. The teachers decorated the booths with a variety of vibrant colors, thereby making the school campus appear fresh and appealing. With the theme of folk games, members of Talent Summer Camp 2023 at the 43 Nguyen Thong campus were able to participate in exciting sports and activities like hopscotch, lucky wheel, etc., and eat a variety of meals. Furthermore, the presence of craftsmen crafting for him and folding coconut leaves in traditional “ba ba” costumes have contributed to the Fair’s more traditional hues. Under the skillful hands of artisans, colorful powders and rustic coconut leaves have become a variety of works such as cartoon figures, locusts, etc. for campers.
Through activities at the “Summer Fiesta: Fun Games & Flavors” Fair, students from the 43 Nguyen Thong campus contributed 30,590,000 VND to the Community fund “Empower the Next Generation,” which was established by Western Australian International School System. At the 10 Ba Thang Hai campus, members of the Talent Summer Camp were also able to explore and engage in activities like round tossing, lucky ball, sweepstakes, etc., and to enjoy food and beverages from various countries. After participating in activities at the “Summer Fiesta: Fun Games & Flavors” Fair, students at the 10 Ba Thang Hai campus joined together to donate 34,515,000 VND to the PennSchool Community fund “Light Up The Future”.
Besides activities at the Fair, the Art Auction event “The Masterpiece Showcase: Students’ Art Auction” was organized on July 12th, 2023, at the 10 Ba Thang Hai campus as part of Summer Camp 2023. The auctions raised a total value of 34,900,000 million VND. All proceeds from Summer Camp 2023 activities will be used to help children and highland people in Na Co Sa Commune, Nam Po District, Dien Bien Province.
Through these practical actions, TDA hopes to be able to help students both inside and outside the Group continue to spread love and solidarity, ready to help in difficult situations. This has always been the practical value that RT Holdings strives for in all educational activities within the Group.
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